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Corpses In the Quarantine Zone

When a character dies the player may rep the corpse for as long as they like. As soon as the player no longer wishes to rep their corpse, the player goes out of game and must immediately leave the area. For the purposes of IG explanation, the character’s body “turns to goo” by dissolving into an oily black substance and is no longer accessible in any fashion. This occurs due to the chemicals that cause rapid decomposition being released from the hives. If you wish to rep collecting the “goo” you will need to provide your own rep and pantomime collecting this substance. No data can be gathered from the “goo” beyond that organic matter was once present. Scientists have concluded that there is nothing more that can be gathered from decomposed Dromanae, so it might be a waste of time and resources to pursue that endeavor. We encourage players to be good sports and rep their bodies for a reasonable amount of time, particularly if under investigation. Allow people time to take IG photos and interact with the scene before wandering off. We also ask PCs to be understanding that NPCs will be needed for other roles, so they won’t always be able to rep a body for long periods of...
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Some notes about the Agency and the SPITE law system; know your rights!

Greetings Contractors! We’re now a week out from game, and I wanted to discuss some overall basics of the SPITE law system as well as a few changes that have been made recently. To begin, here are the updated handbooks for reference: Updated Agency handbook: Updated UEF Arbitration handbook: The most important section for all players to be familiar with from the Agency handbook is below: Recognized criminal activity within Quarantine Zones is as follows:   Murder – Killing another individual. Assault – Causing physical harm to an individual outside of the bounds of CG contracts. Grand Theft – Seizing physical or digital property belonging to another individual. Destruction of Property – Destroying or damaging the property of another individual. Gross Negligence – Action or inaction that directly results in harm to other individuals. Conspiracy – Plotting against other individuals with the intent of harm. Sabotage/Cyberinfiltration – Unlawful accessing or alteration of other’s digital property. Inhumane Acts – A broad category of obscene, unethical, or grotesque actions. Extortion – Obtaining a good, service, or favor through force or threats. Bribery – The offering of currency, goods, or services to avoid punishment. Aiding Wanted Criminals – Assisting an individual in avoiding a court summons or arrest. Drug trafficking – Distribution of illicit or unprescribed drugs within a Quarantine Zone. Illegal commerce – Sale or purchase of goods or services within a Quarantine Zone by or from non-contracted or non-UEF personnel. When an arrest has been made, or a case is being built against an individual for the committal of one of the above acts, is necessary to gather testimony from all involved parties, sort through available information, and bring your findings to the attention of a UEF Arbiter through the use of a Formal Accusation Form. Others may also present these cases to you, and it will be your duty to ensure...
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Changing Your CG

Greetings contractors, We’ve gotten a number of requests for information on how to change your Contracting Group. The following article should answer all your inquiries. If you find yourself still having questions after reading the article, please contact our community admin at: The quickest, easiest, and least costly way to change CGs is to make a new character. If you go this route, we ask you make an entirely new character and not “Old Character v. 2.0”. If you’d like to transfer an existing character to a new CG, that is a bit trickier and is handled on a case by case basis. Certain CGs may be harder to leave/join than others. Here are a few guidelines to help you prepare for the process: You will need an IG reason to switch, developed from role-play and happenings at events. You cannot simply change CGs via downtime or between events. You will need to work it out IG, at an event. This will most likely involve: Getting the permission of your current CG head. Getting the permission of the new CG head and most likely, the existing members of the CG. If you play a character that has crossed a particular CG, odds are they won’t want you. Making some kind of deal to transfer your contract, which will have some IG cost associated with it. This cost could be tasks, gear, credits, blackmail, etc. Contracts aren’t cheap and your new CG is essentially buying your contract out.   FAQs Can’t I just wait until my contract expires to move to a new group? Yes, but contract duration are 5 years from your first game and you will still need to acquire permission from your new CG through IG interaction. Can I have a shorter contract? No. What if I just decide to break my contract or refuse to...
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Accommodations and Service Animals

Greetings Contractors! Your friendly neighborhood Game Runner here. We’ve been getting questions about accommodations for handicaps and service animals at Spite. This blog post should cover most of what you need to know:   Does Spite allow for accommodations for its handicapped players? Yes, we will make efforts to make reasonable accommodations for your condition. As a person who suffers from not only a neurological handicap but a physical one, I wanted to create an inclusive environment for as many people as I could. It’s why particularly triggering subject matter that is not needed to drive an alien apocalypse scenario has been disallowed. This does come with some limitations. Just like I, as an epileptic, am not allowed to fly a plane, some people may be unable to participate due to the level of action and/or the adult themes being played out. For-instance, we do not have a “non-combatant” headband (like some games) because of the high intensity of the game and the fact combat can start anywhere with over a hundred people involved making it extremely difficult to avoid a single player getting swept up in the action.   Can you give an example of the kinds of accommodations have you made? Absolutely! We have offered to bring people with concerns about particular scenes, effects, etc. in for patrols during that time. We have allowed for people to sleep off-site to help with sleep conditions and anxiety. We have offered to have people NPC, where we can put them out as mostly role-playing roles, to avoid the bulk of combat.   Can I bring my service animal to Spite? Short answer: No Long answer: This is multi-faceted and difficult to fully elaborate on without getting into our insurance contracts and agreements with the site. Essentially, it is not safe for your animal or our players to have the...
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Undercover Agents!

This one goes out to those of you that choose to live life dangerously. The ones that lodge themselves deep into the houses of those who may threaten their cause. The ones who would sacrifice a normal existence and risk it all to further the goals of the Agency…. That’s right, I’m talking to you, Undercover Agents! In the time between games, we’ve evaluated the role and constructed a new Undercover Agent Handbook to serve as a starting point for fully understanding the role and the expectations that come with it. If you haven’t checked it out already, please take a look! You can find the handbook at One of the most important components of Undercover Agency for players is having an open line of communication with Plot prior to game. For many (very obvious) reasons, our ability to communicate with Undercover Agent players at game is severely limited, which puts any Undercover Agent that has not been briefed prior to game start in a position where they are largely in the dark. We want the Undercover Agent experience to be unique and impactful, so we are now requiring that all Undercovers provide Plot with the following information: Your undercover CG. Your PC’s first name, last name, and backstory. A facial photo suitable for in-game identification. An email address that you can be adequately reached at. If you are reading this and you are an Undercover Agent who has not already submitted this information, please do so as soon as you can! While we will not immediately remove Undercover Agents from their station if we don’t have this information by Game 3, we will be doing so in the future. These requirements are for the benefit of both players and Plot members, as having an accurate count of how many players of this nature we actually have is...
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