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Full Version: Locking things
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The rulebook talks about Spite-stamped locks and electrics locks.

What about non-padlock, non-electric locks? I.E. can I craft a metal slide lock that is unlocked via a magnet?
Potentially. The lock rules need to be clarified, but fit thematically between the Alliance lock and trap rules (to reference a standard that we're both familiar with). Basically, we're going with the "simple luggage lock" system that relies on the IG skill doing most of the work so that players don't have to have much OOG lockpicking skill. If someone doesn't have the tools to pick your lock, that's on them, but the tools shouldn't be so obscure that the lock becomes invulnerable. Similarly, there's the possibility that someone might break the lock IG, so there needs to be a bypass, either because the lock isn't actually the thing holding the object shut or due to a clearly OOG way of opening the object.