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Full Version: Squishy Bugs?
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As far as we know, how many HP does a bug typically have? Obviously, bug tech and mutations may change it, but so far in our battles with them, how much can they seem to take?
Matt suggested here that they intend to put out a few bug compendiums from assorted sources. I suspect that's still forthcoming?
These are still in process and will be released as we get closer to game 1. It is likely that each CG will have slightly different information on Drom capabilities.
Bugs are essentially built with a similar skill system that the PCs use, so expect to see a variety. Not all bug skills have PC analogs and vice-versa, but everyone is playing essentially with the same rules mechanics and calls. Some of the things that we're working out in the playtests are how various bug abilities work in practice and scaling HP and En for the various types. Assume that none of the bug stats you see at tests will be complete or in their final form, but they're approximately PC tough.