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Full Version: Rate of fire
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Couple of questions about rate of fire. Please keep in mind I'm asking these not to try and rules lawyer but to avoid that happening once game starts. Matt will vouch for me in that I hope *grin*.

So, the rule states:
Multiple hits from blasters that fire more than one shot within one second, whether they are fired at the same time or in a quick burst, are considered a single hit. If the weapon fires for multiple seconds, you take one hit per second.

As worded, it seems this is more to address semi-auto or full-auto nerf guns. Does this also include the guns with "Slam fire" mode where you hold down the trigger and just keep racking the slide (the Strongarm is like this, as is the rough cut and a few others in that line I know for sure) so the potential ROF is higher than 1 per second but not sure if that was the intent to limit that. I mean, I could put a hammer heel on my Hammershot and fan all five shots in two seconds but the gun isn't really designed to do that, those extra shots are coming more from player "skill" than tech advantage.

Second, is this rule intended to be one shot fired by a player per second, or one shot fired per gun per second. So, if I've got a gun in each hand, can I fire two rounds per second into the same target as long as I alternate which hand I'm firing from?

Lastly, if I alter my target so that I'm only firing one round into a target per second, can I shoot two or three alternating targets within that second and have both or all of them take full damage each second?

Thanks guys!
Those slam fire guns suffer a lot of accuracy and range issues, when fire super fast (I use one at world of Oz), so it isn't really a concern. This is more addressing burst and auto fire blasters.

1 shot / gun to the best of your ability to track.

If you hit multiple targets, they all take the damage.
If a target is being struck by multiple shooters, how are they going to distinguish one persons ROF from another's?

If the policy is only intended to cover burst and autofire blasters, why not make that explicit in the rules, as opposed to affecting all blasters?
Oh I agree, Ron, I was mostly picturing coming around a corner and being nose to nose with a big bug and feeling the urge to pump all six rounds into his belly at PBR if needed Smile. Just didn't know if that would be allowed or if that would be "machine gunning" if you get what i mean.