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Full Version: Game 7 Heated/Electric Bunking List
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Hey all!

As Ron posted on 9/5, there are only some heated/electric bunks on site. These are reserved for people who have special needs for such bunks. I have a list going of people who are reserved in electric/heated bunks.


After Sept 21, I'll be setting the list and letting factions know how many additional heated bunks they have available to them for general sleeping.

Updated 9/25/18

Current Remaining Available Bunks:
Agency - Pixie Green - 19 Heated Bunks
Genacorp - Skogly - 9 Heated Bunks
Hands - Lodge of Nations - 0 Heated Bunks
Military - Tahoma - 2 Heated Bunks
Warsal - Bureau - 3 Heated Bunks


Updated. Remember to get those requests in ASAP if you haven't done so yet!

Also, if you're in Hands and need a bunk, please email anyways. We'll figure something out.

Tomorrow at 7 PM, I will be releasing the remaining heated bunks to the factions to assign. If you have a medical requirement for one of these bunks, please email us at logistics@spitelarp.com BEFORE 6 PM TOMORROW and we will reserve one for you. We ask that everyone else have an OOG discussion on the rest of the arrangements, as plot and logistics won't be able to assist with assigning individual bunks beyond those needed for medical reasons.

If you do not email me until after the deadline, I cannot guarantee you a heated bunk, so please email asap.

Thank you and check with you all tomorrow.

5 days.

The following heated bunks are now available for claiming. Please work with your CGs in an OOG way to assign these bunks. You do not need to email me with who is staying there, just be sure you don't over-assign spaces. Those with medical needs who have already contacted me have priority sleeping.

Agency - Pixie Green - 19 Heated Bunks Free
Genacorp - Skogly - 9 Heated Bunks Free
Hands - Lodge of Nations - 0 Heated Bunks Free
Military - Tahoma - 2 Heated Bunks Free
Warsal - Bureau - 3 Heated Bunks Free

Please direct questions, comments and concerns to me. Thank you!

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