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Full Version: Psychic / Packets
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So I'm playing a Psychic, and a lot of my abilities are delivered by "packet"... so I thought I'd just ask all my questions in one post if that's okay.

These are the path abilities that require a packet delivery:

Biomanipulation[R1] Condem
Biomanipulation[R2] Poison
Biomanipulation[R3] Drain
Energy transference[R3] Remove Drain
Psychokinesis[R1] Knockback
Psychokinesis[R2] Cripple (limb)
Psychokinesis[R3] Obey, don't move as long as I point at you
Telepathy[R1] Remove Obey
Telepathy[R2] Obey, put down your (any tagged item your target is carrying) and ignore it.
Telepathy[R3] Obey (with one of the following commands) “Defend me,” “Follow me,” or “Attack your allies.”

1) Do psychic packets have to be any specific color?
2) Does location hit matter for delivery?
3) Specifically... for Psychokinesis[R2] Cripple (limb)... since I'm declaring "Cripple Arm"... do I have to HIT the arm with the packet?
4) Since shields don't block packets, if I hit a shield does the Psychic power still work on the individual?
5) If I hit the persons weapon, does the Psychic power still work on the individual?
6) If I hit the persons garb (say ... the edge of a jacket), does the Psychic power still work on the individual?
7) Is EN still spent if I 'miss' with my packet?
8) If I hit but its not obvious... (Say I throw it at someones back, who's in melee with another person)... should I let them know I hit them, or just try again until they notice the hit?
9) How loudly do I need to proclaim my effect?

And just to confirm for combat...

Which is correct:

Say "Obey, don't move as long as I point at you"
Throw packet and hit
Then point


Throw packet and hit
Say "Obey, don't move as long as I point at you"
Then point

Thanks in advance!
Here's a fist full of answers!
1) Packets can be any color, but we recommend white for finding them easily in the woods/dark.
2) Location doesn't matter, but illegal targets (head and groin) are still illegal.
3) The packet can land anywhere to deliver a cripple/sunder, but you have the option of also targeting the limb/item instead.
4) A packet to the shield counts as a hit.
5) A packet to the weapon counts as a hit.
6) A packet to the garb counts as a hit.
7) En is spent when you make the call, regardless of whether the packet hits its target.
8) If someone is hit by a packet (or dart) try to let them know politely. If it's heated and yelling "Hey John! Cripple leg to your back!" isn't going to cut it or doesn't seem to have been acknowledged, keep the En. (Don't do this if you hit someone with a packet and they immediately drop due to other effects/damage. Bad timing sucks, but it sucks In Game.)
9) Any time you make a call it should be loud and clear enough for the person you are using it on to hear and understand you. Sometimes you'll need to yell it in combat, sometimes you can whisper it while performing surgery. Effects can be heard and understood In Game, but especially with psychics we're using a bit of imagination to communicate what's happening to other characters. ("That bug really messed me up, I'm feeling really sick," is way better than, "Dude, that guy threw like three Poisons at me before he hit me with a packet.")