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Full Version: I'm ready to commit!
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Let us know if you're ready to commit to joining up with this Contracting Group by posting in this thread. If you would like to keep your faction selection a secret from the public, message your group's Plot member and they can help you get signed up for the private parts of this forum.
Here I am, rockin' like a... robot with a screw loose...
I will be a part of Hands For The Future. Wartime journalist for the win.
All members above this point, added.
I am so in! Looking forward to it.
I'm in.

Has the symbol for this group been finalized? I'm kicking around the idea of ordering some embroidered patches.

EDIT: I just saw the facebook thread where the blue hands/dove design by Nat was decided on. Excellent!
Added apparently. (I didn't do it, but it was already done.)
I'm ready to commit to the Hands for the Future
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