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Full Version: Game 8 - Heated/Electric Bunk List
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Here's what's left of the heated/electric bunk space for the different factions:

Warsal - Skogly
Taken: 2
Free: Up to 13

Agency - Skogly
Taken: 1
Free: Up to 14

Hands - Tahoma and Lodge
Taken: 2
Free: 2 Tahoma, 2 Lodge back room

Military - Bureau and Lodge
Taken: 1
Free: 6 Bureau, 0 Lodge back room

Genacorp - Pixie Blue
Taken: 2
Free: Up to 18

If you need a heated bunk, please email logistics@spitelarp.com BEFORE MARCH 22. On March 23rd, I will be releasing the remaining bunks to be divvied out between the rest of the PCs.

Bump! Deadline for this is March 22!
Last call! I will be releasing bunks on FRIDAY NIGHT/SATURDAY MORNING. If you need a medical bunk, email in NOW.
Very last call! I release these bunks when I get home tonight!

Sorry for the delay, but bunks have officially been released! If you have a medical need for a bunk now, you'll have to work with your factions to get one, I can't help you any more.

The following bunks are available:
-->Warsal: Up to 13 bunks in Skogly (although it might be a tight fit, so some may want to plan on being outside)
-->Agency: Up to 14 bunk in Skogly (although it might be a tight fight, so some may want to plan on being outside)
-->Genacorp: Up to 18 bunks in Pixie Blue (Again, may be a tight fit, but you should all make it)
-->Hands: 2 bunks in Tahoma, 2 in the back of the lodge
-->Military: 6 bunks in the Bureau. None in the Lodge.

Some heads up: If your faction comes to game and winds up not fitting in the space allotted, DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES ask a medical person to switch to an outside bunk.

Likewise, DO NOT MOVE THE RESERVED SIGNS that will be on bunks when you get to site. They will have initials on them, and if they aren't for you, you don't get that bed. You can try and negotiate with the player OOG, but they have it reserved, so it's theirs.

If you have questions about bunks, please let logistics know asap. Have a good one and see you at game!