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Full Version: I'm ready to commit!
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Let us know if you're ready to commit to joining up with Red River or RAID (and which one) by posting in this thread. If you would like to keep your faction selection a secret from the public, message your group's Plot member and they can help you get signed up for the appropriate private parts of this forum.
Coda Masada is going with Red River and is stationed to guard a MASH Unit operating under Wartime Salvage.
Wartime Salvage doesn't have it's own guards? Figures: Bunch of pansies....
I've got a Red River fever!
The RAID Project has acquired a new member...
I have added all those who specified which sub faction they wish to be a part of. If you didn't specify, you will need to post with your subfaction.
Red River, sorry got a bit excited there.
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