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Full Version: He's dead, Jim...
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When we die, do we create a new character with 5Xp, regardless of how many the dead character had acquired?
My understanding is...

Players earn XP, not characters. You can see in the character manager beta that you, the player, carry a balance of "PP" which is actually XP.

All new characters have 5 freebies. You can then spend from your personal pool of XP on that character if you desire.
Here's how XP works:

You gain XP which goes into the player's account. Once the XP is spent on a character, it is spent. If a character dies the XP spent on them goes with them. This is a very common mechanism in LARPing and helps create an immersive atmosphere and reinforce a sense of self preservation in the player.

The truth of the matter is a good death is its own reward. LARPing is all about the experiences you bring away from it, not the experience points. Those are secondary mechanisms to achieve a good story. Just like in life, stories are sometimes cut short or end suddenly but they can be very impactful. Just keep in mind that the idea is never to "win" it's to experience and you will do great.