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Full Version: Mods, Modding, Crafting, Decorating and Building -- nerf weapons
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So I understand the rules on no mods, but I was hoping for more details.

So for example...

If I remove, cut off, reshape non-performance pieces... is that illegal?
If I add pieces ... is that illegal?
If I combine nerf weapons (with track rails) is that illegal?
If I combine nerf weapons (without a track rail) is that illegal?
If I build a nerf weapon from scratch, is that illegal?
If I mod a nerf weapon in a way that doesn't effect the firing (such as removing the clip lock) is that illegal?
If I mod a nerf weapon to fire a different kind of dart ( such as an old style, to the elite format which is more common these days) is that illegal?

Since we allow discs, different kind of blast weapons like buzzbee... is it illegal to make your own ammo from scratch?

Thanks Smile
We do not accept homemade ammo.

Use this as your guideline, you may modify your weapons in any way that doesn't improve the performance of the weapon. Wanna add some extra parts to make it look cool? Go for it. Wanna remove something to make the gun look different / fit in your holster better, do it. Wanna remove a restrictor or increase the voltage of the gun, please no.
Would the Rhino-Fire be considered 1 gun or 2?

If 1, can I combine multiple guns into a common unit and call it 1 gun?
It would be one gun. Attaching 2 guns together is just that, 2 guns.