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Full Version: Psychic Tattoos
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Will we be picking our own tattoos to show our powers, or official ones?  

If official tattoos, when can we expect them to be available?  I'm considering making a prosthetic for them.

Is there a minimum size for the tattoos?

Are there specific colors requires for the tattoos?

Are there specific placement rules for the tattoos?
We're working on the art for the tattoos now, but the idea is that they're uniform and identifiable if you know what you're looking for. They have to be reasonably simple so that they can be applied easily, but also unique enough that they're unambiguous.

The rulebook says neck, forearms, and hands. From a setting point of view I like the idea of hands, but I want to see if that's realistic in practice, as hand makeup almost always goes to hell really fast. We've got some ideas for how to do this easily ( http://spitelarp.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=22 ) but we're interested in more input. There aren't currently size or color requirements, but the idea is uniformity, so there'll probably be some kind of standard in play.