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Full Version: Operation: Repossession
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Camp Kirby is an old summer camp near the college town of Bellingham, WA. The UEF had been previously using Camp Kirby as a way point on an evacuation route from the Vancouver hive zone. The camp was a major operating point for various groups like RAID Project and the Military that needed to be near the hive zone. Six months ago the camp was overrun by a Drominae swarm for unknown reasons. Many lives as well as valuable research projects were lost as the camp evacuated overnight. With corporate interest in recovering the lost research and government interest in re-establishing a refugee point, the UEF has sanctioned a recovery operation to take back and hold Camp Kirby. They have titled this mission: OPERATION: REPOSSESSION.

The Droms used their Jump Gate technology to move their invasion force in swiftly and before the troops station at Kirby could react. These jump gates have been a thorn in the side of the UEF since they began using them at the beginning of the war.

All six UEF recognized Contracting Groups have signed on to participate in this mission. The mission will land three groups by boat at the west bank of Camp Kirby. Troops will advance to the Drominae Jump Gate and hold that position to allow the technical teams time to activate a classified device which is currently in the hands of Wartime Salvage. Once the gate has been collapsed, combat teams will need to sweep the area and all buildings for Drominae. Establishing the location of a medical facility will be key. We need to re-establish this safe zone for refugees and create a launching point for military and scientific interactions with the Vancouver Hive Zone.

*Jump Gate: a transportation method that seemingly open a gate from one point to another for instantaneous travel. The technology is still a mystery to the UEF.
Posted individual orders to the private IG sections of each of the Contracting Groups. If you do not have access, you can use the public section to ask for access.