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Full Version: A.C.M.E. Salvage Announces Initial Pricing for Services!
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Attention humanoids.

It is desired that the following message is relayed to this forum.

Quote:A.C.M.E. Salvage Announces Initial Pricing for Services!

You may know us by our high quality goods, but did you know that A.C.M.E. Salvage offers incredible services as well?

  • Party Life Insurance: Be remembered as a hero. Guaranteed.
  • SPARED: Credit and equipment wills so your compatriots can carry on the fight.
  • ACCESS: Keep your credits and personal information safe while you're at the front.

Each of these incredible offers only costs ₡50, twice a year!

Order all three services and join the Looney Bin!  Looney Bin membership grants a 20% discount* off all merchandise, even those hard to find restricted items.  And for a limited time, we're going even more LOONEY!  Yes, if you subscribe to all three services, you get them all at 20% off!  AMAZING!

Subscribe today!

More details are at: http://biomechine.net/acme.php?page=14

* Some terms and conditions apply.  Please check website for more details.
To Whom it may concern:
I am in receipt of a 32187560-LL-R that I received in error. I ordered a 03218756-LL-R 30 days ago. This item does not fit my unit or my needs. I need a working lower limb that fits regulation footwear. This one appears to be a fashion mannequin of some kind, and does not bend. Apparently your team found this humorous. Please correct this situation ASAP.