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Full Version: Advancement: Health and Energy
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Can XP be spent on Health and Energy as time goes on?
The Endurance path grants extra HP, and the Vigor path grants extra EN, and both are available to anyone. Cyborgs can also buy the Power Core path, which can give extra EN and HP at levels 2 and 3; Exims can buy the Guardian Chems path which give bonus HP at level 3, and Speed Chems which give bonus EN at level 1.
He's right. Your HP and EN don't otherwise increase over time, it takes buying Paths to increase those traits. We're using a "Static damage, static health" model rather than an "Increasing Damage, increasing health" model. This is due in part to simplicity and in part due to realism. If you shoot a guy, there's really not a lot of difference between the injuries inflicted if the person is a Marine or an office worker (and "20 levels of Office Worker" probably shouldn't have more HP than "2 levels of Marine" anyways). Plus, no damage calls/no damage bloat/etc.