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Full Version: Melee weapons
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The description reads "May use latex replica melee weapons that are a total of 1-4ft long.". Is the intent that I can use 2 6" weapons, or a 1' weapon and a 3' weapon, or that each weapon may be between 1-4'?
I'm not a rules person, but since the word "weapons" is plural, I had a 2 foot weapon in one hand and a 3 foot weapon in the other. No one said anything to me about it.
I asked a similar question before. Each weapon individually must be a total length of 1-foot minimum, up to four feet maximum. There's no combined length rule.
Indeed. Each weapon may be a total of 1-4 ft long. You may not wield two 6" weapons because they total to 1' stacked end-to-end.