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(04-29-2015, 03:42 PM)Natalya Haner Wrote: [ -> ]Conor, those are my thoughts on differentiating the CG's. Get out of my head Tongue

There's a reason we've worked well together on game design, before Smile

You do make a point on not creating further incentive to not leave a location. You also make a good point about design aesthetic being simplicity.

I still think there is something to be said for adding some layers of differentiation between the CGs... but it's worth making any distinctions neither complex nor give incentive to never leave home. Those are good points, so, let me take a crack at integrating them.

RP wise, CGs are distinct... but functionally, they are not that distinct because everyone has access to the same abilities.
Right now, WarSal, Red River, and Military are fairly similar functionally as 'large groups of well armed people.'
Raid, Hands, and Agency - despite all being smaller CGs - are all distinct from this because they are 'scientists, medics, and people who can arrest you'

But, but adding a small functional change, we can change the feel of the groups. And they may even get to choose how they differ.
Let's say that WarSal chooses to get a 'Radio Tower' - which means WarSal people with Communications get an exclusive sheet of com-chatter at Check In.
That group is now defined as being well armed and having more intel than others.

Let's say Red River chooses to get a 'Pay Increase' - now they all get a little more added to their base salary.
The group is now defined as being well armed and having more money to spend on whatever.

Let's say the Military chooses to 'Liberate a local hospital' - now anyone with any medical ability gets a free Med-Kit at check-in.
That group is now defined as being well armed and having extra medical supplies.

That's three groups that are now defined by a little bit more, functionally, than just being well armed.
While these examples are not balanced and just off the top of my head, they don't add complexity for the player (all of these could be handled before game on a logistics level) or give people a reason to stay in one place.

~ Conor
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