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Is it possible to have an added forum for HotF to be a discussion group to include not only HotF staff, but PC Counselors and Surgeons with Provider status?
I thought the title was "Practitioner?" On that note, I don't know if my name got put down in the registry for Hands practitioners, phoo.
Makes sense but I don't know how. We were talking about how we should get the medics and surgeons on the same page as far as protocal.
Should we start a discussion on the public IG forum in the meantime? Ideally it'll be private, but something public might be better than nothing until a Practitioner forum can get set up.
I can make the forum and group, but I don't know who all the Hands practitioners are, so we'll have to wait for Jason or somebody to populate the group.

All characters who registered In Game, are captured in the binder that was turned into Hive Camp at the end of event. Unfortunately I did not keep a second set of records (plan to in the future).

I'm not sure if Mr. J got signed up, or not. But if you came into the Facility and were working, it is a safe bet that you were. We were pretty johnny on the spot with getting folks signed up in the great and almighty book.
Forum and group created. We'll probably have to wait until about June for our Plot-style folks to access the Great and Almighty Book and put people in due to post-game breaktimes.
Perfect! Yeah, I was in the building, and I treated Dr. Stone, so hopefully my name is on the list.
Is it possible to get a practitioners OOG as well? Just to help us do things like set standards for the canon medications and the like.
Can anyone tell me what the binder looked like? The Hive is at Matt's house but if we know what it looked like someone might remember where it got packed and be able to direct him to the right place.
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