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Full Version: Glow Worm Repair Services
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Soldiers and contractors with the UEF,

I've never been so good with all that marketing and advertising stuff, so I'll just figure that y'all know what I'm talking about. If you've ever been out on a patrol or in a fight and had a weapon, shield, or armor break, then I can help you out as a combat mechanic. Here's the deal: I'll go out with your squad or unit and if any of your gear breaks, I'll be right on hand to fix it and get you back in the fight. Now, I reserve the right to refuse any of y'all if your mission conflicts with my duties with Wartime Salvage - I got to look out for my boys (and the ladies) after all.

Now I'm somethin' of a bargaining type, so my prices are flexible, but here's a rundown of my basic pricing:

Parts: 150c/repair* (to cover the cost of repair kits)
Labor: 50c (flat rate for the mission)
Extra Combat Pay: 50c (Now, I'm fully aware of the risks of operating in a combat zone; I'm not averse to plugging anything that gets close to me. What this charge covers is any expectation that I take an active role in the combat, especially if I have to drain any of the charge on my power core by using my weapon jack).

As an additional service, I will repair any item back at camp at cost (the 150c for the repair kit*). If you also purchase my services for a mission, in-camp repairs are only 100c*.

So for as little as 200c* for your whole squad or unit, you can have a designated repair technician, freeing up your team for full-team combat, supply recovery (or whatever you're doing). Divide that price up among all of you and it's not much. I'm not trying to rip anyone off, but I got mouths to feed back home and I'd really like to get my family out of the temporary relief housing they're in.

*If anyone wants to provide the repair kits for the service, I'll gladly remove the parts fee from my bill.

If you're interested, you can message me online or find me in camp. I'm bunked with Wartime Salvage and if you don't see me there, well, just come lookin'. I'm pretty hard to miss. Wink