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Full Version: Camp Kirby & Sleeping Arrangements
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I'm curious what the sleeping arrangements are at Camp Kirby? Tent Camping? Cabin Camping? If its Cabin Camping, are we able to reserve cabins? I'm coming with a group, so would prefer to be able to keep us all together. What's the plan? Smile
Camp Kirby is a really nice site with enclosed cabins, most of which have heat, lights, and electricity. A number of cabins even contain restrooms and showers, though there are plenty of restrooms and showers available to the whole site. A limited few even have kitchenettes. There shouldn't be a reason that anyone should need a tent, and we would discourage it, as there isn't a shortage of good places to stay. There are also several larger buildings that don't all have clear sleeping accommodations. Specifically, there is a large eating area with a commercial kitchen. There's also a large activity room with mattresses for floor sleeping. There's a large counselor's building with a lot of amenities that we'll be using for the Hive.

The largest sleeping buildings will be going to groups that need them. Some of them sleep as many as 22 in 3 separate rooms (two 10s and a 2 in between that could serve as an IG office for the group). There are a handful of smaller rustic buildings that could be claimed by individual small groups (up to 7 people) that will either go to small or more independent groups that want them (Wartime Salvage contractors perhaps) and have enough people registered to claim them. Big groups will have both the advantage and disadvantage of larger buildings, but every CG will have at least one building to themselves.
There are cabins, many of them heated and what-not. We are working on getting each faction a building / area. You will more than likely stay with your faction. We'll know more as we get closer and have a realistic idea of the numbers.