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Full Version: Telepathy: Mental Domination
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Sometimes, psychics like to turn innocent bugs into puppets. Good for those jerks.

When they use MD,

1) are they able to change the command? This happened a couple of times, so I just rolled with it. But it would seem to me like they couldn't.

2) "Shield me," seems to provoke me into protecting you while you're under attack. But if you're not actively under attack, do I act normally (and thus turn you into a mucky human puddle)? If no (because I'd probably have to shield you from myself, and that would be weird), is it legit to turn your friends into a mucky human puddle?

3) If they can't change the command, could they have multiple MDs on you? Example: "Shield me!" "Obey, Incapacitate your nearest ally!" Would I then find the nearest bug, smash it, and then return to the Telepath like a boomerang?
Also in this topic. Does the wording have to be as written or would, say, "protect me", "follow me", and "attack the nearest ally" work just as well? I'm assuming it's an in game verbal command that triggers intent, so I'm wondering if the wording can be changed to reflect the individual psychic or not. I heard a few variations that bugs followed and enjoyed the diversity.
My understanding is that the obey is that specific set of wording (they are exact wording to ensure that certain issues dont arise, i.e., follow me PEACEFULLY until attacked) and that if you want to change the command you have to throw another packet and pay the cost again.
1) Nope. The ability lets you throw a packet and say one "Obey".
2) No stabbing the person you're shielding. As you say, you'd have to shield them from yourself too.
2a) Nothing in the Obey command says not to stab your buddies, but I'll let Matt or Ron chime in on the intent here.
3) You can be under the effect of multiple Obeys at the same time, which could extend to sending your pet out to kill another and return if you want to spend the En to do it.

Keegan) We've been pretty lax about this in general, but the idea behind the wording is that it states exactly what you need to do. People don't need to know about the Mental Domination ability to know what to do when somebody hits them with, "Obey: Incapacitate your nearest ally". If you instead say, "attack the nearest ally" (a) do you mean your ally or the target's ally, and (b) when does it end? Depending on the target's interpretation, you could end up with a much stronger version of the ability, or a much weaker one. Same with "protect me" (Do I need to attack their assailants?) and "follow me" (Into a blender? Can I attack?) If you use a variation on the standard language, is it because you're just being brief, or because you actually have that available to you somehow (maybe a special item or a path I don't know about)?

Side note: I got hit with an, "Obey: attack your enemies" over the weekend. Two thoughts simultaneously: "PCs don't have access to that Obey", and, "Don't mind if I do!"
I was hit with an "Obey: Recall your brood.", which isn't anywhere in the rules. But being true to the RP, I just rolled with it. They ignored my commands, but I *did* try to recall them.
(09-25-2015, 12:30 PM)David Rimple Wrote: [ -> ]I was hit with an "Obey: Recall your brood.", which isn't anywhere in the rules. But being true to the RP, I just rolled with it. They ignored my commands, but I *did* try to recall them.

Was this from a bug?
Ron -- Yes: It was Matt, at the base of the hill, on Saturday.
Bugs may use existing calls in ways that PCs aren't able to. For instance you may hear "obey: do the hokey pokey" which should be a clear command to dance around, using the existing "obey" call. However, you won't hear brand new calls like a bug hitting you with a packet and saying "SMIRGIN!" That isn't a call and has no basis.