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Full Version: ~~Evacuation of Kirby~~
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[( In the chaos of evacuation what are you doing.... )]

As the announcement for call for evacuation hits the radios, Phoenix Squad would mobilize to UEF HQ and take control of the evacuation of Madame Sanchez.

"We've protected you once ma'am. We're yours again."

Throughout the entire evacuation Phoenix would not leave her side.

-Sergeant Marcus Pinkerton
Josef initially bristled at the thought of a) abandoning a site that so many fought and even died for and more importantly b) leaving people behind. But as he talks it with others, he calmed down a little, realized that there's little that he can do and that he needs to take care of his family back home, so he leaves. But he can't help but feel guilty about leaving Cargo, Luke, Radar, and so many others behind. And as the ship pulls away from Samish Island, Josef's goggles are covering his eyes, but surely for no other reason than to keep out the rain.
Meanwhile Keegan stands on the shore smoking one of Luke's pilfered cigars and muttering about there probably being less awful ways to kill himself.
"best job I ever had my ass."
(from inside a large crate marked "Hands of the Future")

"Um....Hello?.... Guys?.... What's going on? Hello?