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Full Version: Final Evacuation Of Camp Kirby
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Further study of what has now been named the “Frakes Virus” has been only partially successful. Inter-CG cooperation has lead to the discovery of a treatment but not a cure. Naturally occurring antibodies harvested from the extraterrestrial eggs have been used to produce a small number of treatments. Once treated, the virus goes into a dormancy and seems to remain so in healthy patients. Researchers have been trying to recreate these antibodies but have been unable to do so under lab conditions thus necessitating the continued search and harvesting of extraterrestrial eggs. While this has been a difficult task, those remaining in Camp Kirby have been able to collect enough eggs to treat all known cases in Camp Kirby. Congratulations to our hardworking team of scientists for all of their efforts.

Unfortunately, while our scientific progress in this matter has been measurable, a large mass of Drominae forces has been moving towards Camp Kirby presumably to reinforce their attack at the neck of Samish Island. UEF and Military strategists have assessed the situation and determined Camp Kirby to not be a valuable holding point for further refugee and supply gathering efforts. It is with great regret that under UEF Code 626 I hereby declare Camp Kirby lost to the enemy and order the complete evacuation of all contractors and refugees in the area. All evacuees will submit to a full physical and blood testing. Any persons found with the Frakes Virus will be treated before moving to a medical facility for recovery at Ault Field Naval Air Base. The UEF is ordering local Military to take command of this evacuation and ensure all non-military personnel are evacuated.

On October 31st, 2045 the UEF and Military will order the evacuation of any leftover military forces and authorize a full biological airstrike against the invading Drominae forces on Samish Island. While I am not authorized to divulge any specifics about the biological weapons that will be used I can say that any who choose to remain on the island will do so knowing they forfeit their lives.

The UEF is currently in process to identify a new refugee and salvage point. As soon as one has been identified, your Contracting Groups will be notified of the new location. We expect a decision to be made by the end of November.

Thank you again and I wish you all good luck.
Maureen Sanchez
UEF Camp Kirby Representative

Military forces were authorized to pack up and move out any who attempted to remain behind in this final evacuation. Several people did contract Frakes Virus but were successfully treated. We will be doing a random selection for who was infected and you will be notified separately. Cargo was successfully treated as well. At this point, any characters who choose to stay behind will not survive the biological airstrike of Samish Island and Camp Kirby. If you choose to stay in Camp Kirby after October 31st, 2045 please email plot so we can mark your character as dead.