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Full Version: lasers & stuff.
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whats the rules on laser sights for weapons? like im sure the nerf red light thing is ok but do you all have rules for IR lasers for night vision or normal red or green lasers?
Saw this in the other thread, so this is just a re-post of what I put there:

We've got some folks using red lasers, but the green ones are usually too bright. IR lasers would probably be fine (you'd need Gadgeteer 1 for night vision goggles), but keep in mind a couple things about laser sights and night vision:
1) No matter how good your sights are, it's still a nerf blaster.
2) Night vision is cool situationally (recon, sneaking, and the like), but for safety reasons anywhere there's going to be much combat is probably going to be somewhat lit at night. IR laser sights may not be as useful as you might think, but feel free to give it a shot!