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Full Version: Melee: long weapons and dual wielding?
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So I have a quick couple of questions regarding melee:

1. I have a latex weapon I want to bring down (really big axe) that exceeds the 4ft limit, is there a reason that the weapon size limit is 4 ft? is it a safety issue? something that doesnt fit the cannon? or is it just an oversight?

2. I cant find anything about dual wielding, does having the melee skill allow for dual wielding?

any responses are appreciated, thanks!

EDIT: Wrong forum section, request admin to move this to rules questions section instead.
Answer to number 2:

Melee Rank 1 allows for dual wielding, EXCEPT for the Jack of all Trades Melee Rank 1, which doesn't.
Hi Mark,

4ft was not on oversight, I can guarantee you that. It's a hard thing to get into without breaking down design philosophy. In the end balance, safety, average latex sword length, and theme were all considerations. The simplest way to put it is, we don't want pole-arm or reach weapons in the game as we aren't a melee focused game.