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Full Version: Drones
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It's been stated that the Nerf spider-gun thing will be allowed. To what extent will that sort of thing be permitted, what Paths will it require, and to what degree may that be interacted with?

I.E. - okay, so a crawley spider guy with a nerf gun is good. What about a radio-controlled car with Nerf gun? What about an aerial quadcopter?

Can we shoot them down? Kick 'em? Throw real rocks at them?

Can I use a frequency finder to jam the channel or take over control of the thing?
My assumption based on the thread in the technical questions section is that this is "No", and that the previous indication that remote-control spider-drone nerf launchers is incorrect and that they are not allowed either?
We are indeed working on a rules update that will introduce a path that should cover "oddball gadgets." The current ranking system has to do with how mechanically functional a thing is, from "cool toy that grants an advantage" to "directly impacts game" (like firing bullets). Honestly, I don't imagine that things like drones will be terribly effective, much like Traps in other systems we've played, but the setting certainly allows for them theoretically.