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Full Version: Bug: Completed Paypal payment doesn't forward to finish registration
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I paid online using Paypal and instead of completing the forward to allow me to finish my registration, it simply hung.

I had to take a frightening step of hitting the back button and seeing if I had to pay twice (I don't think I did).
Can confirm this has happened to others, including myself. All three instances were using Chrome.
Paypal is NOT linked to our payment system in any way. (It even says so in the text adjacent to the link! Smile )

You are not progressing forward because you need to hit the button that says if you want items or not.

Please see page 3 of the walkthrough: http://web.spitelarp.com/static/spite/wa...hrough.pdf or check out all of our walkthroughs at http://web.spitelarp.com/manager/help/
Yeah, the Paypal button there is just a convenience for now. We have plans to actually integrate with Paypal in the future, but thus far it hasn't made it to the top of our priority list.