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Full Version: Shields
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In the rulebook, it specifically states that using a large blaster cannot be used as a way of blocking any form of attack. While testing out my new Nerf Mastodon, it became clear why that would become a problem but, it also brought another idea with it. Would it be possible to mount a shield onto the side of a blaster? My first thought is that it would have to be easy to detach (in case it was sundered) but, other than that, it seems like a legitimate strategy.
Hi Luke,

For the same reason we don't allow gun blades, we'd have to turn down gun shields. That said, bucklers can be used while wielding a blaster and can accomplish some of what you're trying to do, without actually putting the weapon into melee combat.

I understand how having a weapon attached to a blaster is unsafe, swinging that much plastic around is bound to get someone hurt, but you don't swing shields. Shield bashing is prohibited. So, unless that rule is being broken, the shield won't be swung at people intentionally and it would be LARP safe in case it accidentally collides with a player. To be honest, I'm just guessing at the reason gun blades are banned, but the first thing to come to mind was safety.

Hi Luke,

Fair enough, however, we want to avoid blasters being involved in melee combat. Shields, although not used to strike, are part of melee. People get frightened, people do stupid things. Shield bashes do happen. I don't want pointy hard plastic attached to it.