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Full Version: Merchant Corportion
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"Merchant -- Rank 1: Gain access to your own personal corporation, with its associated credit account, shared with as many people as you like."

I'm not clear on what this gives me that simply being a normal character doesn't. I'm also not clear on what my corporation is, vs. being a part of the Military, Hands, or Wartime Salvage groups.
A Corp is a separate credit account that can be shared with others. It is not related to a contracting group.
But can't I transfer credits from my personal account to others? Is the corporation simply a way to have a multi-player (team) joint account?
That is certainly one use of it.
Does it offer others that aren't clear?
It's like having a business bank account as opposed to using your personal account for everything. This will help with hackers and can be used for fun things like a dummy account for laundering funds
Got it!
Yep. Having your money in more than one account makes it harder for hackers to bankrupt you, since they would have to drain both accounts, and have twice the chance of getting caught. Hackers can potentially gain access to other accounts illegitimately and play a shell game with them, but having a corporation is the only way to get another credit account legitimately.

Also, if nobody knows your corporation's name, you can do shady business that may not get traced back to you. You could potentially do this as a hacker too, but changing account names could leave behind different kinds of traces.

But the biggest thing is that having a corporation is the only way voluntarily grant access to a credit account to others, meaning your private party could get paid as a group, and you can have group credits that are still available when one person is away on business or dead.