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Full Version: blaster attack
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I have a quick rules question. I was wondering the other day about a few battles I had with the drom. I know that drom will take 1 dart damage per second which makes sense because if not the drom would get mowed down before they ever got into contact with the players. I also know that your suppose to only be making one attack per second with a blaster as to give the players some time to react. My question is in a couple of battles I've had the drom where using a nerf megastrick https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736...8da968.jpg and then they would swing their arm in a arc as they fired all 16 darts to hit as many people as possable withen the one second it takes to empty the clip. So my question is this, is it one second per attack period, which makes me feel as if that drom attack is breaking the rules or is it one second per attack per target.
It would be one second per attack per target, which allows spray weapons to be effective. When using this tactic you should be cautious not to hit folks in illegal areas. This is something we're going over in the safety training.
Thanks Ron for the clarification and I will see you all Saturday for the safety training. Smile