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Full Version: Sunset Lake RAID Facility Opens It's Doors
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To All Contractors,

In a joint effort to better utilize vital resources, the RAID Project and UEF staff of Sunset Lake Camp have moved to open up lab time to all contracted researchers. The lab will be open for public use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The following stipulations apply:

- The UEF recognizes that RAID Project frequently has time-sensitive or confidential research that require private lab time. To accommodate this need, with the UEF’s agreement, RAID Project reserves the right to close the lab for up to 1 hour at a time, 2 times per day. Closure of the lab must be reported to the UEF by RAID personnel at the beginning of the closure.

- A section of the lab will be portioned off to hold RAID Project members only equipment in order to preserve the sterility of critical lab equipment and ongoing testing.

- Red River will only be responsible for guard duty of the lab during any private hours. They are encouraged to make the lab a stop on their regular patrol but are not responsible for the safety of non-RAID personnel in the lab during open hours. Any non-Genacorp personnel who wishes to use lab time should arrange for their own protection. Red River guards are available for a nominal fee.

- The lab is expected to be maintained as a sterile environment to protect the integrity of our collective research. We ask that contractors not use this as a sleeping or eating space in order to prevent contamination of the work spaces.

Please direct any questions to the Genacorp Liaison, Veronica Leahy.

Colleen Henderson
Director of Sunset Lake Camp
United Earth Force
A welcome change in policy, demonstrating that Genacorp has finally recognized the value of cooperation across all contracting groups.