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Full Version: Teams for Beta on the 28th?
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Anyone want to try and coordinate skills so we don't get our heads eaten next Saturday?
We're going to run a number of scenarios, so bring a few characters at 5 points, 10 points, and 15 points (we'll mostly use the 5 and 10s)!
A FEW characters?! I had not heard about this. I just have one. Maybe I don't understand play testing.

Also, if our character dies in play testing does it count towards the game or can I play her when the game really starts?
Play test is not an IG thing. It is a bunch of combat scenarios that stress test the system. So this isn't like a gameday or anything. So your character won't come into play until game 1.
Should we wear our costumes to the playtest?
We're not requiring costumes or anything, but you're welcome to show off anything that you'd like, especially if you're interested in answering questions about how other folks can also make awesome stuff too!
Totally wear your costume, if you want. I might even put on some startings of a costume I have in mind.
Well... the coveralls I ordered did not fit, so I don't have a costume.

That said, I am going to wear my cyberarm as I want to test it even though its not complete yet.