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Full Version: Spite Rulebook Change Log Information
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Hello Contractors,

Please find below the living document with any changes made to the Spite official rules. The latest post will always contain the latest changes. Please find below the change logs. Please do not post to this thread, if you have any questions or discussion points please post to the rules sections.

Spite: Beta - Gamma

This document doesn't contain every minor edit or addition, only those that will have some sort of impact on the game or setting.

Pg. 5 - OOG terms updated: The Hive, NPC, and Path. OOG term added: Appropriate RP.

Pg. 9 - Updated harassment policy. Moved safety to policies section and expanded.

Pg. 11-14 - Added some additional information on CGs.

Pg. 15 - Added clarifying sentence to androids: "How these laws are interpreted is up to the individual player, but no action should be taken that blatantly breaks one of the laws, such as killing a human."

Pg. 19 - Updated information on character manager. Raised starting XP to 5.

Pg. 20 - Added "Getting Paid" section.

Pg. 21 - Many clarifications added in combat section. Added "Melee and claw attacks must be delivered in a slashing motion; thrusting is strictly forbidden" to the combat intro. Completely changed claws section, please read if you plan on playing a cyborg with claws. Added burst fire and multishot weapon rule to ranged. Ranged weapons now do 4 base damage.

Pg. 22 - Clarified how to awaken someone from unconsciousness. Added clarifying bullet points to active abilities.

Pg. 23 - Added rule that allows all characters to use radios on the common channel. Added moving an incapacitated character section. Added Detaining a character section. Added infractions: breaking character, shield bashing, and thrusting.  

Pg. 24 - Clarified melee length. Clarified that we don't require orange tips on blasters. Rewote cyborg claws. Changed dromanae claw length to 2-4ft.

Pg. 25 - Added information on shield construction.

Pg. 26 - Expanded explanation of cripple effect.

Pg. 27 - Added clarification on hit locations for sunder. Major change to how sunder interacts with item.

Pg. 29 - Updated armor proficiency. Added cyborg claws can be used with brutality. Rewrote communications.

Pg. 30 - Added rules for air canister blasters. Added gadgeteer path.

Pg. 31 - Added heavy gunner path. Rewrote jack of all trades. Updated bandaging and resuscitate in medic path.

Pg. 32 - Updated shield path.

Pg. 34 - Changed enhanced AI rank 1. Removed additional damage dealt with cyborg claws in favor of them being impossible to disarm or sunder. Removed dermal plating path. Rewrote power core.

Pg. 35 - Added wired nervous system path.

Pg.37 - Updated energy transference rank 3. Updated intuition path rank 3.

Pg. 38 - Added clarifying paragraph on tagged items. Added item tag section.

Pg. 39 - Added gadget. Clarified locks.

Pg. 40  - Added media device. Changed medkit. Added portable defibrillator.

Pg. 41 - Updated stimpacks and vita-injectors work.
Change log GAMMA to 2015 edition:

Page 12 & 18 - Clarified Hands for the Future's religious involvement.

Page 20 - Added information on contacting plot.

Page 21 - Clarified weapon categories. Rewrote claws to be more friendly to use. Updated burst fire rules. Clarified packet delivery. Added passage about Dromanae and melee weapons.

Page 22 - MAJOR change to death system. Please read.

Page 23 - Added sections on detaining characters and role-playing injury.

Page 24 - Added section on confirming hits. Clarified illegal blocking. Added turtling, unauthorized tech use, and unsafe cover to infractions.

Page 25 - Updated cyborg claw information.

Page 27 - Added section on effect deliveries.

Page 28 - Clarified crippled limbs. MAJOR change to knockback.

Page 29 - Added the ability to remove En from remove.

Page 30 - Updated and changed communications path. Clarified rank 2 and 3 of counselor. Raised HP gained from endurance.

Page 31 - Changed prerequisite for gadgeteer. Changed rank 3 of heavy gunner.

Page 32 - Made clarifications to medic path. MAJOR change to melee path.

Page 33 - Changed rank 3 of nurse. Added Science path. MAJOR change to shield path. Clarified surgeon path.

Page 34 - Clarified technician. Trained fighter replaced brutality.

Page 35 - Raised amount of En given by vigor.

Page 36 - Changed information on cybernetic hand.

Page 37 - Changed guardian chems. Changed rank 1 of juggernaut chems.

Page 38 - MAJOR changes to energy transference.

Page 39 - Clarified telepathy.

Page 41 - Added key to inventory.

Page 43 - Clarified radio and changed stimpack.

Page 44 - Added info on large scale resources.

Page 45 - Added info on tagged structures along with a number of tagged structures to the list.

Page 48 - Added the What Kind of LARP is Spit section.
Patch Notes 4.4.5

Minor formatting and editing changes throughout.

Pg. 9 - Added policy regarding "fade to black".

Pg. 20 - Changed starting XP from four to five.

Pg. 33 - Nurse rank 3 should not include medic. Reworded science path rank 2. Shield rank 1 should include ranged weapons. Shield rank 2 and 3, added when wielding a shield as a condition of use.

Pg. 38 - Updated wording on energy transference.

Pg. 43 - Updated stimpack so all references refer to poison.

Pg. 45 - Changed counseling facility to only affect counselor rank 3, which patches a severe system break.
The new rule book patch is in. Please find below the change log for the August 2015 patch:

Page 7: Updated check-in and the game sections. Important change to weapon check-in added!
Page 8: Added a section about ad-libbing.
Page 10: Added section on ad-libbing. Updated the theft rules (MAJOR CHANGE). Clarifications to ammo section. Added parking information. Added a section on having fun.
Page 21: Added note to combat the friendly fire DOES count.
Page 22: Changed incapacitated to "bleeding out" and clarified.
Page 23: Updated information on radios.
Page 24: Added clarification to confirming a hit. Added infraction "blinding", please read. Clarified the charging, machine gunning, rhino-hiding, and shield bashing infractions.
Page 25: Added the Unchecked Weapon infraction.
Page 27: Added radio delivery.
Page 29: Added "use items" to sunder.
Page 30: (MAJOR CHANGE) reworked the Communications skill.
Page 31: Removed prerequisite for gadgeteer
Page 39: Changed wording on rank 3 Psychokinesis.
Page 40: MAJOR change: added "use" items. Added clarification to item tags.
Page 41: Added bandage as an item.
Page 41 - 44: Added use item descriptions to certain items.
Page 42: Added that nurses can use medkits.
Page 45: Added incomplete resources and supplies to mega-economy.
Page 46: Work bench can now assemble incomplete resources.
Spite 2016 Change Log

Pg 8 - Added small clarifications to Going On Patrol section.

Pg 9 - Small clarification on Pausing the Game.

Pg 10 - MAJOR change to tag system, added in the colored dots to determine if an item is plot owned and what can be done with it.

Pg 12 - Added date for Agency establishment.

Pg. 14 - Added bit about sourcebooks

Pg 20 - Added section on changing your SIC.

Pg 22 - Added ability to choose to go to bleeding out or prematurely die at player's discretion in Bleeding Out, Unconsciousness, and Death section.

Pg 23 - Added clarification on the "No Effect" call and OOG statements.

Pg 24 - Added new rules violation "Barricading".

Pg 25 - Added new rules violation "Stunting".

Pg 31 - Changed cost of rank 2 Finesse Path to 1 En.

Pg 32 - Added additional option for rank 3 Jack of All Trades.

Pg 33 - Added clarification to Nurse Path. Added clarification for rank 3 Science Path.

Pg 37 - Changed cost of rank 2 Weapon Jack Path to 1 En. Added avoiding standard attack as an option for Wired Nervous System rank 3.

Pg 38 - Changed cost of rank 3 Juggernaut Chems Path to 1 En. Changed cost of rank 1 Biomanipulation Path to 1 En.

Pg 39 - Changed cost of rank 3 Intuition to 4 En.

Pg 46 - MAJOR addition. Added Fabrication Bench.

Pg 47 - Added Dromanae info, regarding what happens when they die.
Pg. 19 - Updated the Character Approval section. Missed this in the update.