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Full Version: Game 6 Prepay List
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The following lists the people who have prepaid for the Spite September 2017 game.


If you don't see yourself on this list but think you should be on it, please email logistics@spitelarp.com as soon as possible to ensure your check-in goes smoothly!

Updated 9/7/2017

Elizabeth H
Ben T
Queenie T
Cami P
Cody H
Erik O
Sean G
Brent W
Zach H
Cortney W
Heather N
Dartanian R
Ian P
Rick R
Warren S
John F
Denise B
Veasna H
Sean G
David M
Michele M
Kyra Bet
Michael B
Phillip P
Daniel C
Alicia M
Christopher P
Jeff K
Jennifer J
Elizabeth S
Luke D
Mark O
Craig W
Helen M
Wolf C
William D
Tabitha K
Deanne N
Steve W
Brad L
Glenn A
Carrie R x2
Jordan M
Sam A
Alex A
Evan R
Joseph H
Hallie E
Andrew S
Elizabeth G
Aaron E
Kit B
Nathan H
Rachel F
Kris S
Norman B
Joseph M
Carla T
Zephyr T
Myles H
TJ Design and Consulting (???)
Brooke B
Haley B
Nathan B
Cory S
Roxy S
Iliyana S-H
Jessica R
Wayne H
Keegan G
David C
Seth N
Amber Rose H
Erica L
Danny D
Mark C
Dylan N
Austin J

NPC Food
Jimmy H
Updated! We'll probably only update once more before game, so make sure you see your name here if you think you've paid or crazy shenanigans happen at check in and no one wants that!
Updated! This is the final update before game! Double check that you're on the list if you think you should be on it!