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  Smoker at Site
Posted by: Sean Graczyk - 08-23-2017, 11:47 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (2)

Our team is looking at bringing an electric smoker to game.
Tipping over is not an issue unless someone is messing with it.
Is there any issue with this?

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  Chem lights
Posted by: Sean Graczyk - 08-22-2017, 09:37 AM - Forum: Rules Questions - Replies (1)

Is using a chemical light in clearing rooms allowed?
Example: open door, snap and toss light around corner into room to light up area?


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  Interaction of Armor w/ Condemn effect
Posted by: Sam Askey - 08-21-2017, 04:00 PM - Forum: Rules Questions - Replies (3)

Just a question about calculating damage when hit with a Condemn effect while wearing Armor. Do you double the damage (condemn effect) first then subtract 1 due to the armor (In which case bullets deal 7 damage and Drom claws deal 5) or do you subtract 1 then double (in which case bullets deal 6 damage and Drom claws deal 4)?

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  Plate Carrier as armor without inserts
Posted by: Rick Raddue - 08-07-2017, 09:23 AM - Forum: Rules Questions - Replies (2)


For the armor rules to count, the rule book states that armor must "appear functional".  Most of my team is coming in with plate carriers, which look like this.

In the real world, those vest by themselves offer absolutely no protection until you slide armor plates (thus the term "plate carrier") into internal pockets.  The only outward way to tell if someone has said plates installed is that the gear will look a little more bulky.  A couple of us have made fake plates out of EVA foam but if someone decides to not use plates in the carrier, will the vest count as armor per the rules?

Thank you.

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  Price updates for game 6
Posted by: Jimmy Hastings - 08-01-2017, 04:19 PM - Forum: General Announcements - Replies (1)

Hi all,

We tweaked the algorithm a bit that determines how the price of items when buying them at game on.  We don't make that algorithm public, but there's one consequence that will be immediately apparent to most people buying things: It is now possible to get a discount if your faction makes their associated quotas.  The longer you can consistently make your numbers, the better the discount, as your faction is able to more efficiently route the associated goods.  This is cumulative with the merchant 40% discount, so if a normal person in your faction gets a 10% discount on some type of item, a merchant would get a (60% * 90% = 54%) 46% discount.

This still does not affect starting characters, as this expenditure is supposed to represent your starting gear, which doesn't fluctuate with the local economy.

Let us know if you have any questions,
Jimmy Hastings
Chief Economist

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  Cyborg Power Core question
Posted by: Ben Thayer - 07-31-2017, 05:35 PM - Forum: Rules Questions - Replies (2)

pg. 37 SCB.  Power Core: Power cores are large batteries that are wired into the cyborg, improving their performance, adding additional power sources, and providing basic radio use.

Is this a holdover from an earlier edition, or does power core really give you a radio that cannot be stolen?

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  Game 6 Prepay List
Posted by: Barbara Martin - 07-31-2017, 02:25 PM - Forum: General Announcements - Replies (6)

The following lists the people who have prepaid for the Spite September 2017 game.


If you don't see yourself on this list but think you should be on it, please email logistics@spitelarp.com as soon as possible to ensure your check-in goes smoothly!

Updated 9/7/2017

Elizabeth H
Ben T
Queenie T
Cami P
Cody H
Erik O
Sean G
Brent W
Zach H
Cortney W
Heather N
Dartanian R
Ian P
Rick R
Warren S
John F
Denise B
Veasna H
Sean G
David M
Michele M
Kyra Bet
Michael B
Phillip P
Daniel C
Alicia M
Christopher P
Jeff K
Jennifer J
Elizabeth S
Luke D
Mark O
Craig W
Helen M
Wolf C
William D
Tabitha K
Deanne N
Steve W
Brad L
Glenn A
Carrie R x2
Jordan M
Sam A
Alex A
Evan R
Joseph H
Hallie E
Andrew S
Elizabeth G
Aaron E
Kit B
Nathan H
Rachel F
Kris S
Norman B
Joseph M
Carla T
Zephyr T
Myles H
TJ Design and Consulting (???)
Brooke B
Haley B
Nathan B
Cory S
Roxy S
Iliyana S-H
Jessica R
Wayne H
Keegan G
David C
Seth N
Amber Rose H
Erica L
Danny D
Mark C
Dylan N
Austin J

NPC Food
Jimmy H

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  Suggestion: Merchant
Posted by: Ian Paterson - 07-26-2017, 01:25 PM - Forum: Rules Discussion - Replies (1)

Not sure if this is in the right place on the forums, but I was thinking it would be cool to have Merchant (at some rank) get an Intuition-like ability about supply drops during game.

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  What the hell and where is Kimara?
Posted by: Jim Saighman - 07-16-2017, 11:38 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

You started a new game without me?

Is Brent around?

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  Light suggestions / questions
Posted by: Noctifer Duma - 04-30-2017, 02:51 PM - Forum: Props and Costuming - Replies (1)

Hi hi everyone!

So coming back from last event (awesome, you all rock - thank you everyone participating / putting it together!) I realized that my headlights were cheerfully dying out and provided about as much light as matchstick.  And that I couldn't figure out how to see well into the forest.  So thinking through new gear for upcoming event.  I am thinking a body light and a barrel light will work well / meet my needs.

First off requirements and goals (understanding and questions):
1) Must be a red light.  (did I get that right?  any cases when white is ok / recommended)?
2) Must be angled down and away from people's eyes.  (what would you say is a good angle?  Since its obviously dependent on distance but you won't be adjusting constantly mid-fight - if I were to build a little foam wedge to keep the barrel light slightly down when aiming horizontally, and the body-light slightly down.. what angle-range would you suggest I should plan for?)
3) No strobe.  (Ok, that's not in a rule-book but I have someone who comes with me to the larp that, if you start a strobe in her field of vision, we'll have to physically carry her out of there - and I'm fairly certain she's not the only one)
4) Not too bright (blinding people everywhere) or too dim (tripping on everything)
5) Ideally not having to click through white-lights to get to red-lights or vice versa (otherwise when someone says 'hit the lights' I'd need to cover my lights w/ a jacket and take a few seconds going through 'really really bright white' to get to anything useful / turn things off)

So along those lines (and those questions), here's what I was thinking for barrel light so far..
*Smith and Wesson Galaxy 6 LED Flashlight (3 Red and 3 White) - has a separate red light button, starts in high and go down three levels.  There's brighter versions but they have less red LEDs and 'very birght' isn't the goal..  though I don't know if this would be too dim?
*Yliyaya Mini Adjustable Lens Beam Zoom 3 Modes - contrary to the product description the people who actually bought it indicate a single mode with twisting the tip to adjust the beam focus, and no actual strobe (unless you're clicking the back on and off repeatedly) - so kinda nice in that once you set your beam focus you don't have to click through a variety of other modes to get to what you want

And for the body-cam (used headlights but that brightness right over my eye totally blew out my long-distance vision at night, I ended up dropping that light to my chest during the game anyway) it has been suggested that I grab something like:
US Military Surplus MX-991 Flashlight
French Military Surplus Anglehead Flashlight, 2 Pack
or other actual military angled lens - has red lenses that can be swapped out easily (so no flipping through modes), sturdy and lasting, can secure bottom and dangle it slightly at desired angle (and I'd add a wedge piece to keep it from bouncing too much and keep it from elevating into people's faces)

Sooooo that's where I'm at with questions and thoughts.   What do people think on the questions and which lights they'd suggest (or which lights are working really well for you that people aren't complaining about)

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