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  THE RAID PROJECT & RED RIVER (Rulebook Background)
Posted by: William Myers - 01-17-2015, 01:57 AM - Forum: Genacorp - Public Out of Game - No Replies

The corporate giant known as Genacorp has its hands in many parts of the war effort. The most direct efforts come from the
Research Action and Intelligence Development Project, or RAID Project, and Red River.
As the most prominent branch of Genacorp working with the UEF, the RAID Project’s goal is to support UEF and find new
ways to combat the Dromanae. Most, if not all, Genacorp sponsored characters will be working within or alongside the RAID Project.
The RAID Project’s scientists have been instrumental in reverse engineering Dromanae technology for the UEF and Genacorp.
Red River is a private security company that exclusively contracts with Genacorp. Their force is significant enough to rival the
militaries of many smaller countries. Red River’s forces are spread out among the various Genacorp facilities. They cover every job
from the friendly front office security guard to the hardcore field agents that defend members of the RAID Project.
Red River is the sword hand of Genacorp and has a reputation for being brutal in their approach. During the Iraq war, a number of
their agents were brought up on charges that were later dropped under suspicious circumstances. They are the combatants; Red River
agents serve as guards and on occasion soldiers at the disposal of the RAID Project. Those working in the quarantine and hive zones are
some of the most skilled, ruthless, and well paid members of Red River.
Agenda: Collect information and technology for Genacorp while protecting its key employees.

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Posted by: William Myers - 01-16-2015, 04:55 PM - Forum: Rules Questions - Replies (1)

I'd like to start making my gear...

Any specifics on 'making a packet'? Size, consistency, etc

Are different types of packets color coded? And if so, what color for Psychic powers?

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  Advancement: Health and Energy
Posted by: William Myers - 01-16-2015, 04:51 PM - Forum: Rules Questions - Replies (2)

Can XP be spent on Health and Energy as time goes on?

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  Jack of All Trades - Rewrite Suggestion
Posted by: Jon Larson - 01-13-2015, 07:16 AM - Forum: Rules Discussion - Replies (9)

Hello Everyone,

I have been talking to people about character creation and an interesting rewrite idea came up for Jack of All Trades.

Original Rule

Quote:Jack of All Trades: A wide base of basic skills is necessary to survive in the quarantine zones. Jack of all trades gives access to the basics of a number of paths, but do not count towards purchasing ranks of those paths.
Rank 1: Communications 1
Rank 2: Firearms 1
Rank 3: Melee 1

The change would be to allow players to purchase these skills in any order they like. Here is an example write up of how this would work.

Potential new rule
Quote:Jack of All Trades: A wide base of basic skills is necessary to survive in the quarantine zones. Jack of all trades gives access to the basics of a number of paths, but do not count towards purchasing ranks of those paths.
Rank 1: Choose 1 of the below skills
Rank 2: Choose a second below skill
Rank 3: Choose a third below skill
Choice of skills:
  • Communications 1
  • Firearms 1
  • Melee 1
  • Shield 1*
  • Armor Proficiency 1*
  • Thrown 1*
*= possible additional skills that could be added

This would give characters a lot more flexibility with the tree and possibly make it more enticing. It also makes it so that overlapping skills won't really happen if you plan your character progression properly.

What do you think?

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  The 3 Laws of Robotics - Android Scenario Discussion
Posted by: Jon Larson - 01-13-2015, 03:53 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (13)

Hello Everyone,

I thought with Androids coming into game and them using the Asimov 3 rules of robotics some scenarios could be raised up to discussion.

Wikipedia - Three Laws of Robotics

An example would be Android Surgeons. They can cut into humans because they are trained but other Androids would be breaking the first rule.

Some interesting scenarios I have thought of:

  • Android hackers. Does hacking and stealing money count as breaking the first rule? Androids are the best hackers but would they be limited to purely research and locking accounts? Really comes into effect with Zeroth law.
  • Androids being effected by obey attack your allies. many other obey effects can cause conflicts too.
  • Not Knowing that they are causing harm? like put 'this' in their food. That item would be poison.
  • Etc...
What are some other scenarios that you can think of and how do you think they would be resolved?

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  Dedicated Hive (long term, full time NPCs)
Posted by: Matt Oostman - 01-13-2015, 12:21 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (5)

We are recruiting for the Hive! For those of you who have worked with Ron and I as Plot in the past, Hive is Spite's "NPC Guild." The Hive is a group of players that have decided to play on the side of the bugs rather than on the side of humanity in the world of Spite. The Hive won't only play bugs, they will also play members of other factions, assorted characters that make up the world outside of the immediate camp, transient human/cyborg/exim/psychic/android characters in or near town, and help out the game in other roles. Spite is not a "PCs vs NPCs" game. Our Hive will play good guys and bad guys, and not every PC will be friendly (or non-violent) toward every other PC.

We trust our Hive with more important roles that some games restrict to Plot or Storytellers. We value the Hive's input and let them help us create our stories, especially as they pertain to the characters we have them play. We want our Hive to be good players with good attitudes who can learn the rules and the fluff well enough that they can do the kind of improv that we will be asking them to do. People who want to play their own characters regularly but occasionally NPC are welcome to do so without joining the Hive. Our Hive will be expected to NPC for many games (4+) and won't have the opportunity to PC in that time, as we will give the Hive access to storytelling secrets as appropriate to the characters that they'll be playing.

Spite is a stand alone game, unlike the last game that Ron and I ran, so we can't offer incentives that will help your character in another game. We can offer you important roles, more freedom with roles that fit your preferred playstyle, and potentially special costuming/equipment that we might need to support your character. There have already been a number of people that have expressed interest in joining the Hive, so let us know here and we'll grant you access to the Hive portion of these boards to start talking about your primary in-town NPCs that you would like to play.

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  Rules clarifications and Forum Rules
Posted by: Matt Oostman - 01-12-2015, 09:49 PM - Forum: Rules Questions - No Replies

Please ask rules questions in this forum. If you can point to specific wording in the rule book or another clarification, feel free to respond to a thread with that information, otherwise rules questions should be answered by staff where appropriate. Questions will be locked after they are answered, but if you have followup questions please start an additional thread. If you'd like to discuss a rule or a clarification please start a thread in the Rules Discussion forum so that we can keep this forum clear for answers. We will endeavor to clarify the rule book whenever possible so that all of the rules and clarifications are in one place. Please keep in mind the General Rules Discussion Guidelines.

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Star General Rules Discussion Guidelines and Game Philosophy
Posted by: Matt Oostman - 01-12-2015, 09:47 PM - Forum: Rules Discussion - No Replies

In everything we do with Spite, there is a balance between realism, gameplay, and simplicity that we've got to deal with. In medieval games, a lot of stuff gets explained away with "It's magic!" or "that doesn't exist in this world!" Spite has "It's the future!" going for it, but we all have a reasonable idea of what may or may not exist in the future, especially when it exists already. There's some stuff that we can make rules for, and there's some stuff that we would like to be able to do but is impractical, and finally there's stuff that we'd just like to do without.

One of our primary goals is, and always will be, to make the game as simple as possible while still being able to support the story that we want to tell and create the kinds of interactions we would like to see. There are some really interesting games with a lot of rules and a lot of really interesting games with very few (or almost no) rules. In the Pacific Northwest, rules-heavy games tend to be the norm, but that's not true world-wide. There are so many games and so many styles around us that we've been able to spend our combined decades (just Ron and I, over a century if you count our whole staff) learning the types of things we like to see in LARPs. We're trying to distill those experiences into a game that we'd enjoy, and we hope that you'll enjoy it too.

One of the things I like about games is simplicity. Combat goes more smoothly when it is easy to know what is going on. It adds to the immersion when you can yell orders over a battlefield and not have to shout over damage calls. It limits the need to pause the game when you don't have to worry about effects ping-ponging around the field. It reduces player frustration when someone uses a big skill and it takes affect on the first try. We've limited our calls to make the game not only easy to learn but easy to play. We're printing a single sheet of every rule you need to know in order to play and posting it in every cabin on site, because that's all we think you should have to know. We can have skill variety, character variety, and tell complex stories without having complex rules, and that's the way we like it.

We want your feedback about the rules because we want them to be clear and we want the game to be fun. The fun won't be created by the rules, but we know that bad rules can hurt a game. We don't want to limit your creativity but we do want a cohesive world. We want to spend our effort building awesome props, telling awesome stories, and creating an awesome environment, and that will necessarily mean that we can't do everything. We don't have unlimited time, unlimited money, unlimited space, or unlimited energy. That means that we want to get as much as we can out of every minute, every dollar, every square foot, and every inspired moment we have.

This all means, to one extent or another, that we're not going to make a rule for every situation. We're not going to spend our time arguing over nuance and shoring up every possible loophole in our rules. We want the rules to pertain to actual situations that will come up, and not need to make rules for a single prop that someone might build, a single item that someone might bring to game, an interaction that is unlikely to occur, or any number of "what if" edge cases. That's not what we want to spend our time doing.

We want to write stories. We want to build props. We want you to help us. We want you to share our vision. We want you to make the scene cool when the rules aren't completely clear instead of breaking character to find a rules clarification. We want you to tell us later what happened, and if we need to clarify something, we will. We want to clearly establish the world, the history, the setting, the stakes, because that's what makes the game real. We want to answer questions about the "fluff." We want the world to make sense and the game to be balanced, so we want to answer rules questions too; we know the rules aren't perfect but we also know that they never will be. We don't want you to rules-lawyer, we don't want you to play to win, we don't want you to chat out-of-game in in-game areas, we don't want you to show up to do nothing but shoot bugs and talk about Call of Duty, and we don't want you to sleep soundly, because we're going to kick in your door at 3 am and fill your cabin with horrific bugs so fast that you'll forget you're playing a game. We want you to hope, in that moment of panic when your gun jams, that the Hands for the Future surgeon you were just giving shit to didn't take it too personally, because that means we've won. We want you to help us create that game, because you're the only ones that can.

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  Firearms skill question
Posted by: Jeff Rainville - 01-11-2015, 07:24 PM - Forum: Rules Questions - Replies (1)

Do you need to have the Firearms skill in order to reload a firearm or clip for a firearm? I'm thinking from a tactics standpoint it would be super handy to be able to have two guns and hand one off to a non-shooting teammate for reload while emptying the next gun, etc. but don't want to be cheezy about it.

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  Comms Clarifications
Posted by: Jon Larson - 01-08-2015, 01:41 AM - Forum: Rules Discussion - Replies (9)

I have some questions on comms and how the channels will be handled. I understand that there is a rewrite in the works so this could be premature or could raise awareness to some issues.

For quick reference:

Quote:Rank 2: Gain access to confidential radio channels, for additional information and more covert communication. You will be given a list at the start of game with the current event’s channel list. Passive ability.

1: Comms 2 says that we have access to confidential radio channels. How will these be confidential or will these be open for anyone with the skill? Is the confidentiality simply in that with multiple channels only share your band with trusted users? Do we 'claim' what channels we will use at check in?

2: Provided we have Comms 2 can we scan these channels to listen in on others? Or would this be discouraged behavior?

3: How will CTCSS/CDCSS be handled? Will this simply be another layer of privacy for users that have access to them? Are they going to be limited?

Thank you

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