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  Hands for the Future HQ
Posted by: Carrie Rasmussen-Law - 12-13-2016, 10:36 AM - Forum: Hands for the Future - Public Out of Game - Replies (3)

Where is the Hands for the Future headquarters or main office located?

Are there branch offices in most major cities?

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  My my next character join up?
Posted by: Noctifer Duma - 10-29-2016, 07:53 PM - Forum: Wartime Salvage - Public Out of Game - Replies (2)

Hihi!  This is just-Vlad, and of course my nexty is going to be warsaw too... may I hop into the private forum so I can run ideas and questions by everyone? Or should I do it here?

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  Merchant and char gen currency
Posted by: Blaise Carey - 09-28-2016, 03:43 PM - Forum: Rules Questions - Replies (10)

Are you able to use a connection to another character with Merchant to more efficiently spent starting money?

I ask because 4-7 friends and I are looking to come as a squad, and we're wondering the best way to allocate our starting resources.

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Bug Bugs: incorrect character manager information
Posted by: little g - 09-27-2016, 09:07 PM - Forum: Technical questions and suggestions - Replies (5)

There are some discrepancies between the 2016 rulebook and the character manager information on trees. This was all tested on beta.spitelarp.com:

  • Finesse: requires Firearms 1 and specifies Blaster as the delivery method. The rulebook has no prerequisite and has a more generic Ranged delivery method.
  • Medic: rank 1 is missing the "What is your current HP?" call.
  • Science: rank 2 has "incapacitated" instead of "bleeding out". Also in the rulebook.
  • Shield: rank 3 has "shatter" instead of "sunder". Also in the rulebook.
  • Surgeon: rank 2 is listed as 12 rather than 8 en.
  • Cybernetic arm: rank 3 is called "disorienting blow" rather than "weaken the spirit".
  • Weapon jack: rank 1 is listed as 1 rather than 2 en.
  • Energy transference: rank 3 listed as packet or touch delivery, rather than just packet delivery.
  • Intuition: rank 2 is missing the "willing or immobilized target" requirement.
  • Psychokinesis: rank 3 has a slightly differently worded Obey command, compared to the rulebook.
Most of these are cosmetic, but I know at least the Medic one came up at game, and the energy cost typos can really mess someone up if they refresh their memories by looking just at their character sheet.

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  Cybernetic Arm and 'Touch' attacks
Posted by: Blaise Carey - 09-25-2016, 04:42 PM - Forum: Rules Questions - Replies (2)

Hey y'all. I've heard a lot of good things about this game, and finally have the time to come next April. Right now I'm just going through the book and I have a question or two on melee attacks and how they interact with the cybernetic arm. 

How are 'brawl' attacks handled? Is there an applicable skill, or do you just need a 'fist' weapon?
Can the knockback from Cybernetic Arm 1 be applied using a touch? That is, if I'm a gunner and a melee enemy closes on me, can I use the arm to apply the knockback to gain some breathing room, even if I don't have a melee skill?

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  Obey: Fight Me
Posted by: Keegan Ryan Gilmore - 09-22-2016, 12:30 AM - Forum: Rules Questions - Replies (5)

If Taunt (as per the Exim Guardian Chem path) is used successfully on a target that is incapable of any offensive action, what is the expected response from that target?

I know that I would likely roleplay attempting to grapple/punch/kick the person who taunted me, but the rules for "OBEY" effects merely state that the affected individual must attempt to follow the command to the best of their ability.

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  Game 4 Feedback!
Posted by: Matt Oostman - 09-11-2016, 10:58 PM - Forum: General Announcements - No Replies

Please send us your feedback about our game! You can submit it here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1v8Kn2Sa...Y/viewform

You can submit it anonymously if you'd like, or give us your name and we'll give you a Hive Point!

We'll close responses in a month after each game, so please get it in earlier rather than later so that we have plenty of time to process it and make adjustments in time for next game.


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  Eye wear policy
Posted by: Kirsten Olin - 09-05-2016, 12:04 AM - Forum: General Announcements - No Replies

New Protective Eye Wear Policy:

SPITE does not currently require mandatory eye protection however, we strongly encourage all of our players to wear some kind of eye protection whenever possible. To that end, we would like to offer a bonus for anyone who wears eye protection during game.

-Wearing eye protection will give you a +1 EN boost to your max EN pool.
-This +1 bonus is full only the first time you put on eye protection in the event and it is the first point you use when consuming EN.
-Once consumed, the +1 continues to count towards your max total EN pool while wearing protection.
-This point may be refilled by normal means (ie counselling, nurse, energy transference, etc). It cannot be refilled by removing and replacing the protection.
-Qualifying eye protection includes: glasses, goggles and face shields which cover both eyes. These must be made of hard plastic, glass or mesh which will not bend under the force of a direct shot with a foam dart/disc. Eye patches which only cover one eye do not count for the bonus.
-Only one form of eye protection counts for the bonus and cannot be stacked with any other forms of eye protection. (You can’t wear 16 pairs of glasses to get a +16 bonus)

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  One second minimum for melee?
Posted by: little g - 09-03-2016, 01:28 PM - Forum: Rules Questions - Replies (4)

Hi! This last game I was told at plot camp (don't recall by who) that when making melee hits you are required to wait at least one second between hits, or that after one second you could strike the same area again. 

However, the rulebook only says that "You must bring your elbow back to a 45 degree angle before each swing and vary where you strike on the body." Ranged weapons do have that 1 second between hits requirement, so was this just a mix-up (and the rules in the rulebook are correct) or is this a new rule? Thanks!

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  Let Loose the Hounds of War: Pre-Reg List
Posted by: Barbara Martin - 08-29-2016, 10:58 AM - Forum: General Announcements - Replies (1)

Hey all!

This is the list of people who have pre-registered as of the date below. THIS IS NOT THE SAME AS THE PRE-PAY LIST!!!

All characters and NPCs **MUST** pre-register before they can check in for game. The earlier you do this, the better.

There is an online walkthrough that can help you with this process if you would like it. Log into http://web.spitelarp.com/manager/ and click the "Help" tab. Look for the "Event Registration Walkthrough".

Merchants: **YOU CAN PRE-REG NOW!** You don't have to wait until site to pre-reg. You don't have to have the money in your account until you CHECK IN with me and my staff on site. Until then, work with your groups now to figure out what you want to purchase and fill out your purchase list. You can change this list up to the moment you check in, so it isn't written in stone until then!!!

If you think you should be on this list or have questions or concerns, please email logistics@spitelarp.com ASAP and let us know what the buzz is, and we'll help you out!

Thank you!

Logistics team

Pre-Reg's as of 8/29/16:
Aaron R
Alex A
Alex B
Alex C
Alyssa L (NPC)
Anna S
Barbara M (NPC)
Ben B
Bob G
Brad L
Brandon S
Brennan T
Brian L
Brooks D
Bryan O
Callie J (NPC)
Chantelle Y
Charlie D
Chris C
Cindi B (NPC)
Codie G
Cody H
Cody M
Conor T
Craig W
Dakota B
Daniel S (NPC)
Dante A
David H
David Y (NPC)
Dean C
Deanne N
Denise B
Devlin A
Dylan N
Emily F
Erik S
Frank D
Gavin V (NPC)
Genesis H
Haley R
Hallie E
Hayley B
Heather N
Holly E
Ian P
Jake B
James Y
Jameson K
Jeff K
Jenna J
Jessica R
Jessica S (NPC)
Jimmy H (NPC)
Joey P
John F
John K
Jordan M
Joseph H
Justin A
Justin G
Keegan G
Kirsten O (PLOT)
Kristofer S
Kyle S (NPC)
Kyra B
Layn H
Lizzy M
Lucas T
Marc D (PLOT)
Margaret R
Mark O
Mathew V
Matt O (PLOT)
Meg S
Mel C
Michael B
Michael RS
Michele L
Nataly S
Nate B
Nathan H
Nicholas E
Nick J
Queenie T
Rachel M
Raissa D (NPC)
Rollin F
Ron L (PLOT)
Roxy S
Russ S
Ryan W
Sam A
Scott N
Shannon D (NPC)
Sindre P
Stephanie Y
Steven W
Susanna L
Tabithat K
Tai K
Travis S
Trevor U
Tucker B (NPC)
Virginia J
Warren S
Wayne H
Wolf C
Zachary H
Zach T
Zephyr T

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