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Game 8 Prepay List - Barbara Martin - 01-28-2019

The following lists the people who have prepaid for the Spite March 2019 game.


If you don't see yourself on this list but think you should be on it, please email logistics@spitelarp.com as soon as possible to ensure your check-in goes smoothly!

Updated 3/28/2019

Heather N
Carla F
Phillip P
Dartanian R
Daniel C
Alicia Katie M
Rachel F
Jennifer J
Warren S
Aaron E
Hayley B
Nathan B
Elizabeth F
Michael B
Carrie RL
Julie I
Brent W
Alex A
Myles H
Deanne N
Andrew H
Rick R
Sean G
Kit B
Kris S
Steve W
Zachary H
Preston H
Andrew S
William D
Erik O
Nicholas J
Joseph M
Sam A
Hallie E
Jordan M
Nat C
Mike H
Willem T
Mark O
Roxy S
Ian P
Cami P
Helen M
Susanna L
Davin Industries, LLC (?)
Craig W
Keegan G
For You (?)
Lizzie G
Brian L
Dylan N
Andrew W
Danny D
Kyra Br
Skyler N
Gavin V
Dylan C
Luke D
Tabitha K
Glenn A
Jessica R

NPC Food Prepays
Sacha G
Brooke B
Jon M
Jason W
Zane B
Lucas B
Timothy B

RE: Game 8 Prepay List - Barbara Martin - 02-25-2019


RE: Game 8 Prepay List - Barbara Martin - 03-27-2019

Up to date as of right NOW! Check the list! Be sure you're on it!