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Tag! You're it! Or are you? - David Rimple - 02-27-2015

Will tags on items specify the item, or simply the class? Basically, will that tag on a 3 foot bat say "Melee: Rank 2: 3 foot bat" or just "Melee: Rank 2 -- Modern" (to show that's its a modern vs. classical weapon?

Will there be other information?

RE: Tag! You're it! Or are you? - Ron Leota - 02-27-2015

Currently the plan is for tags to be as small as possible and still be legible. We are still working on the economy, it's something we just can't play test until the first game. As it is currently written, there is no difference in tag for a melee rank 3 or rank 2 weapon.

In the case of melee, it will make a distinction between ancient and modern.