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GCNN Newscast Oct. 24th 2049 - Kirsten Olin - 10-24-2019

Global Contractor's News Network:
Earth's Relationship with the Kor-Da-Sul and the Development of the Asian Pacific Alliance

On September 11th, 2046, the world stood in shock as a new alien species violently announced their arrival to Earth and entered our war with the Dromanae.  The singular attack from this unknown ship was devastating.  When the dust cleared we began to realize the tremendous power of the unknown.  The Sao Paulo Hive was destroyed along with the city of Sao Paulo itself and the surrounding suburbs.  The blast centered on the Hive and covered a nearly 25 mile radius, destroying everything within it.  The death toll is now known to have exceeded 50 million lives lost in the initial blast with another 4.8 million deaths in the following weeks due to the intensified attacks by residual Dromanae forces in Brazil and other Quarantine Zones across the globe.  At the time, it was the greatest know loss of life in a single day.

Naming these newcomers the Outsiders, UEF Officials frantically teamed up with major Contracting Groups worldwide to find any information they could regarding where they came from and what they intended to do here.  Small Outsider ships were seen in several Hive Zones but while they appeared intent on fighting the Dromanae, they seemed entirely uninterested in communicating with UEF forces.  This stalemate lasted nearly a year before they finally broke their silence.  

In September of 2047, Contractors at the UEF Sunset Lake Camp in Washington USA were approached by a small team of Outsiders.  Their ship had been destroyed injuring one of them and leaving no other choice than to reach out to Earth inhabitants for help.  They explained they were called the Kor-Da-Sul and that they were here seeking vengeance on the Dromanae for the destruction of their own homeworld.  This small encounter blossomed into the possibility of an alliance bringing Earth a newfound hope that we had a better chance than ever at defeating the Dromanae.  Ambassadors from the Kor-Da-Sul and UEF Officials engaged in closed negotiations while the rest of the world held its breath.

One year later our hopes were shattered.  The UEF announced that the Kor-Da-Sul had broken off negotiations stating that our fundamental ideals were too disparate and could never be reconciled.  They reported that the Kor-Da-Sul claimed the people of Earth were too selfish and incapable of understanding the necessary sacrifice that would have to be made to win this war.  

Less than 24 hours later and with practically no warning, the Kor-Da-Sul turned their terrifying weapon on the Tokyo Hive.  In direct opposition of UEF commands, airborne military forces of several Asian Pacific countries, including China, United Korea, Vietnam and Indonesia, scrambled any and all available means to launch a counter attack on the inbound Kor-Da-Sul warship.  Their best efforts were less effective than a mosquito trying to take down an elephant.  The Kor-Da-Sul warship effortlessly maintained its trajectory and executed its attack on the Tokyo Hive.  Again, the results were devastating.  

Most of Japan had been evacuated to China and United Korea years prior due to the expanding Dromanae territory.  Military forces were mostly centralized at the far North and South Islands of Hokkaido and Kyushu.  Refugees were scattered throughout the main island of Honshu but the population was less than an estimated 3 percent of what it had been prior to Storm Day.  Unfortunately, the effects of the blast were not just limited to Japan.  Massive tsunamis radiated outward from the blast bearing their own catastrophic results.

Many cities on the coast of mainland China such as Shanghai and Taizhou were completely destroyed.  Flooding persisted more than 100 miles inland from the coast, forcing many to leave their homes.  The islands of Taiwan and Okinawa were wiped off the map entirely.  And the damage continued to spread.  The waves covered most of the Philippine Islands, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and extended inland from the coasts of Australia.  As with Okinawa and Taiwan, many smaller islands in the Philippine Sea were completely destroyed, killing anyone who lived there.  Across the Pacific, Hawaii too bore the brunt of this terrifying force as the water wiped out any coastal cities and reached up the sides of the volcanoes that form the islands.  This second attack killed more than 560 million people between the initial blast, the destruction caused by the tsunami and the following months of chaos as people were unable to get food, fresh water or medical care.

In the wake of this attack, representatives from the remains of United Korea and China demanded that the UEF called up military forces to launch a counterattack against the Kor-Da-Sul warship.  While the UEF and Hands for the Future immediately sent disaster relief supplies and began combing the waters for any survivors, they remained hesitant to prepare an attack against the Kor-Da-Sul.  England’s UEF Representative, Tacey Langinton told GCNN reporters “The Kor-Da-Sul may be few in number but are significantly more technologically advanced than ourselves.  This was plainly evident when China tried and failed their counter attack during the destruction of Tokyo.  Our best scientists all over the world are working around the clock to find means of defending ourselves should the Kor-Da-Sul turn their attention to us but have yet to make any breakthroughs.  Our fight with the Dromanae has been draining on our combat resources and we simply are not prepared for a war on two fronts.  For now, the UEF is focused on maintaining neutrality and devising means to minimize loss of life in the event of future attacks.”  

After months of heated discussions behind closed doors, the UEF still refused to take action.  At a press conference on June 13th, 2049, Chinese UEF Representative Alfred Chen announced on behalf of the countries of China and United Korea along with the remaining governments of Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines that they would no longer participate in the United Earth Force, nor would they cooperate with their stance of non-aggression towards the Kor-Da-Sul.  They revealed the formation of the new Asian Pacific Alliance (abbreviated to APA) whose mission would be to protect their people equally and defend them from all threats including the Kor-Da-Sul.  They additionally promised to seek retribution against the Kor-Da-Sul, stating “We will not rest until this new threat is eradicated.”  

As the Kor-Da-Sul Warship immediately left Earth’s atmosphere after the attack, there’s been little for the APA to target as of yet to make good on their vow.  However, UEF satellite imagery has shown increased military activity throughout inland China.  Some Representatives of the UEF have expressed concerns that the APA may now be building additional nuclear weapons in preparation for the return of the Kor-Da-Sul warship.  It still remains to be seen what they’ll do when the next attack arrives.

In other parts of the world, opinions of the Kor-Da-Sul vary considerably.  Scientists marvel at their impressive weapons and technology.  While many bear anger towards them, others express their appreciation for what the Kor-Da-Sul have accomplished.  Dr. Anya Nikovic is now an Oncology Neurosurgeon at MD Anderson but she grew up in Moscow, Russia, pre-Storm Day.  Dr. Nikovic told GCNN that she applauds the efforts of the Outsiders, quote “They’ve done to Sao Paulo and Tokyo what we did to Moscow but they did it without poisoning the earth.  The casualties haven’t really been that different.”.  

Though many have an opinion on the Kor-Da-Sul, few have actually met them in person.  This weekend GCNN Reporters will pay a visit to UEF St. Alban’s Camp in the Vancouver Quarantine Zone where the Kor-Da-Sul have established their own ground base alongside UEF Contractors.  Many of these Contractors were among those who made first contact at the UEF Sunset Lake Camp two years ago.  We’ll have the opportunity to interview several of these Contractors to get their opinions on the Kor-Da-Sul that they’ve worked beside for the past two years and what they expect in the years to come.  Tune in to GCNN WebNews this weekend to see these interviews live and hear commentary from our panel of specialists.