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Game 10 Prereg's - Barbara Martin - 12-06-2019

The following lists the people who have prepaid and have secured a spot for the Spite August 2020 game.


If you don't see yourself on this list but think you should be on it, please email logistics@spitelarp.com as soon as possible to ensure your check-in goes smoothly!

Current Count: 83/118 PCs

Updated 3/3/2020
Willem T
Carla F
Sean G
Rachel F
Kris S
Deanne N
Phillip P
Phillip S
Steve W
Daniel C
Alicia M
Glenn A
Warren S
Aaron E
Dartanian R
Jenna J
Hallie E
Heather F
Roxy S
Alex A
Zachary H
John F
Joseph H
Keegan G
Lizzie G
William D
Andrew S
Sam A
Austin J
Cami P
Ian P
Brent W
Dani D
Rachel F
Kris S
Deanne N
Craig W
Chris P
Miles H
Joseph M
Hayley B
Rick R
Jessica R
Denise B
Erik O
Ali B
Elizabeth H
Anna S
Kit B
Susanna L
Ben T
Kweenie T
Kimberly N
Zachary H
Jennifer K
Jordan M
Nicholas J
Michael B
Virginia O
Nathan B
Dylan N
Kyra Bet
Laura K
Cortni W
Bryan O
David M
Robert H
Cody H
Tessa B
Jacob B
Lizzie G
Preston H
Carrie R
Holly P
Nathan B
Andrew W
Dylan N
Kyra Bru
Tora E
Crystal E
Dan S
Dante A

Issues Have Arisen - Please Contact Logistics
Joseph M
Roxy S
David M

NPC Food
Catia P
Stephen P
Alyssa L

RE: Game 10 Prereg's - Barbarrossa Martin - 04-13-2020

I can't edit my original post right now, but just as a heads up:

Joseph M - Issues have been resolved