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Shield Clarification - Jordan McFarland - 03-03-2015

In the book it has rank 1 of shield able to block melee, 2 foot shield ect. And rank 2 able to block blaster with 4 foot. Can I also block darts with a small shield as long as I have rank 2? So the text should read: rank 1 able to block melee with a 2 foot shield. rank two able to block "melee and blaster" shots with "up to" a 4 foot shield? Or am I always unable to block darts with a small shield?

RE: Shield Clarification - Ron Leota - 03-03-2015

We'll clean up the language and may even be changing shields. But in its current incarnation, you can block darts with a small shield as long as you have the rank to do it.