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shield 2 versus the world!!! - Joey Porter - 03-19-2015

Shield 2 states:
"Rank2:​May use a shield with an area of up to 4 square feet against ranged attacks but not packet attacks.                      Passive ability. "

Does this mean I can block effects that are delivered through firearms such as the heavy gunner and finesse paths? And if so, same thing with delivery through melee?

RE: shield 2 versus the world!!! - Mr. F - 03-19-2015

In the Rulebook, under Rules, Combat, Active Abiliites:

Quote:Active ability attacks that use weapons must hit the opponent on a legal body target, in order to count. The exception to this rule is the “sunder” effect. A sunder effect counts if it strikes any legal body target or the item that is being targeted so long as that item is a melee weapon or shield. Do not strike props or blasters.

Active ability attacks that use packets count if they hit a legal body target or any object that is currently held, worn, or attached; this includes shields and melee weapons.

So as the rules stand in this outgoing edition: Yeah, you can block active blaster and (non-sunder) melee abilities with a shield.