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Energy transferrence questions - Jeff Rainville - 03-29-2015

Couple of questions about energy transferrence:

1) Rank 2 (alternate): Energy leech. Active ability.

◆ Effect: Remove 2 En and Restore 2 En for yourself

◆ Cost: 1 En

◆ Delivery: Touch. Target must be willing or unconscious.

Does this mean that the net effect will be the target loses two En and the person Leeching will gain 1 En since they expend one En to perform the Leech? I get that you would need to have one En in your pool to do the skill in the first place but the end result if I did a Leech with only 1 En in my pool would be I would end up with 2 En, correct?

2) If you attempt to Leech someone and they have no En or only one En remaining, do you still lose your 1 En for having attempted to Leech them?

RE: Energy transferrence questions - Ron Leota - 03-30-2015

1. Yes, you would net gain 1 En and require 1 En to use.

2. Yes.