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Energy Transference failure - Jimmy Hastings - 04-01-2015

Followup to http://spitelarp.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=202

Scenario: Alice leeches energy from an unconscious Bob.
- What call should Alice make?  I suspect it's not literally "Remove 2 En and Restore 2 En for yourself"
- If Bob doesn't have 2 energy, what call should he make to let Alice know she didn't get the En she expected?
- If the answer to the first question is just, "Remove 2 En", then how does Bob know he should make that special call?

RE: Energy Transference failure - Jon Larson - 04-02-2015

I would propose the calls to go like this. I am not rules and this is purely a suggestion.

Alice: "Remove 2 Energy"
Bob (w/ 2+ energy): says nothing [nothing being said for immersion and less sig calls]
Bob (w/ 1 energy): "I give 1 energy"
Bob (w/ 0 energy): "I give 0 energy"

RE: Energy Transference failure - Ron Leota - 04-02-2015

Alice would touch Bob and state remove 2 en, she would then touch herself and say restore 2 en. If bob doesn't have 2 en to remove, to keep calls minimal, he would call "no effect". This means you can 't drain someone with 1 or 0 En.