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Web interface released - Jimmy Hastings - 04-03-2015

The time has finally come for all good members of the quarantine zone to be able to create their characters and register for the event.  As of now, you may do so at the following address:


If you've been helping us beta test, you'll notice a few differences between the beta site and the real site.
  • No more banner telling you this is a testing system.  This is for real with your for-reals characters in them.
  • As such, you no longer start out with 30 XP.
  • Money transfers and hacking are disabled until game on.  This effectively makes the in-game site a read-only system.  This is because in general, we want game to happen at game.  Having an elite hacker character who never comes to game isn't really something we want to support.  Likewise, players should not have to worry about monitoring their in-game assets between games.

RE: Web interface released - Jimmy Hastings - 04-10-2015

We updated web.spitelarp.com today as well.  Here are the changes you should expect:
  • Item descriptions and costs have now been updated to the latest rule set (we missed that in the last pass)
  • Registration links no longer refer to Pre-registering, since if you don't do it beforehand, you'll be doing it on site.

RE: Web interface released - Jimmy Hastings - 09-10-2015

Hey guys,

Here's what you should expect different in the Spite web interface between last game and this game.  Some of these changes will be familiar to those of you who have been paying attention to the beta thread, but here we've collected them and organized them by type.

Character Creation / Updating
You are no longer required to freeze/snapshot your character at any time.  In fact, it's not even something you can do manually anymore.  Instead, your XP is spent when you register your character for an event, and if your character is registered for an upcoming event, you cannot modify it unless you unregister the character.

On that note, registration and purchasing items should be much smoother now, where it walks you through the decisions you need to make top to bottom.  In particular:
- You no longer have to worry about whether or not your character is snapshotted.  Your XP is spent when you register instead.
- When choosing what items to purchase, the system will automatically do the "right" thing as far as allocating your funds, so in most cases you don't have to worry about that.

On the hacking side, we've added tools both for hackers trying to hide information or add misinformation, and for hackers trying to ferret out the truth.
- In addition to deleting log entries, hackers can now attempt to modify existing log entries, both of which are easier than trying to delete a log entry outright.
- If a log entry has been marked as tampered, it now has the timestamp of when it was tampered visible for anyone to see.
- If a log entry has been marked as tampered, or there's a detected intrusion, other hackers can try to figure out what was being done and whether it was successful

- We added a gritty S as our website icon
- All changes in the August rulebook to items and paths are included.
- eCheck creation is now smoother and more intuitive
- Account printouts are laid out better now.
- Account and eCheck QR codes automatically open the transfer dialog, with the possibility for external websites to pre-fill

RE: Web interface released - Jimmy Hastings - 03-06-2016

Howdy Spite-heads,

We've got a couple of new features that we thought merited a mid-break release.  We'll still do a proper pre-game release with all the new in-game features, but this gives you a chance to get a head start on character portraits and lift some of the burden off Logistics for common transactions.  Here's what's new:
  • You can now spend Hive Points for XP and credits directly from the web interface.  Just go to the new Hive Points tab to see.  No need to email logistics@spitelarp.com for those simple requests anymore.
  • You can now upload a photo of your character on the character page (along with in-page cropping and automatic resizing).  This lets you get a head start on checkin, when we'll be taking pictures for your in-game IDs.

RE: Web interface released - Jimmy Hastings - 04-22-2016

Aloha Spitists,

Here are the changes you can expect to see in the web interface between last game and this one (except the ones from the mid-break release above).

Better navigation
  • OOG pages on the site now come with a lovely submenu of links so you can more easily find where to go
  • In-game, when you visit a person or account for the first time, we'll show you a little bar to let you know you now know about that person or account.
Contracting Groups, web-ified
  • As mentioned in the announcement to trade reps, CG resource trading is now all electronic, without need to go to the UEF all the time.
  • Those with authorized access to those CG resources also have a list of active contractors.  This may, of course, prove useful to hackers as well.
  • Investigate and Trace hacks are now twice as difficult as before, making it easier for hackers who left a little trail to be temporarily safe.
  • You can now revoke your own access, if you accidentally have a public association you want to get rid of.
Character ID
  • Person pages will now show CG, SIC, and position (if one exists) rather than the freeform public notes field.
  • Pictures are now visible on all Person pages right on top of where the QR code used to be (and still is if you tap on it).
See you all at game!