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RE: Site Map/CG Placement - Jocelyn Tuohy - 04-23-2015

I've been reviewing the map for all of our options, and there's one place I'm still confused about: building 23 (Hi Tor Lodge). Is that available?

What space is reserved for staff/full-NPCs to sleep in?

Will either of the following have restrictions (including common-sense ones) on who can/should sleep there that we can assume prior to game-on? Just in case a CG runs out of faction-specific bunks (I'm not familiar with the expected numbers)...
  • UEF - 20 - Tayito
  • Medical Facility - 17 - Health House

Last question: is it purely first-come-first-served (with consideration for CGs), or are specific players "reserving" space?

Thanks!  Cool

RE: Site Map/CG Placement - Deanne Naylor - 04-23-2015

The medical facility will be the in game HotF MASH unit and,I assume, will be busy. I am going to try to get a bunk there.

RE: Site Map/CG Placement - Jocelyn Tuohy - 04-23-2015

Aha! And I realize I may have answered my own question by reading through more of the forums...apparently UEF is code for Monster Camp as well as being our auspicious employer...Wasn't planning on staying in either of those places, just couldn't figure out why they hadn't been addressed.

I'm still curious about building 23 Hi Tor Lodge, although it looks out of the way...FOIG?

RE: Site Map/CG Placement - Ron Leota - 04-23-2015

HiTor is up a hill that makes the one at Soudview look like a cakewalk. We considered it for UEF camp but our NPCs would mutiny on Friday night. We're leaving it open for reasons...