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Contracting Group Interest - Matt Oostman - 12-26-2014

We've been hearing a lot of people talking about what Contracting Group they would like to belong to, so we thought we'd post a poll.
One of the things we've seen in some of the other factionalized games in our area is that one or more groups get too large or too small. We want to encourage people to create a character that they want to play, but we would also like the factions to be approximately evenly sized. This poll is about gauging what people are interested in playing right now, so we know if we need to make more information available about some groups and how to make some of the smaller groups more attractive.

RE: Contracting Group Interest - Natalya Haner - 12-30-2014

Wartime Salvage! Kirk and I are working on forming a group called Acme... its going to be awesome Big Grin

RE: Contracting Group Interest - Soichi Kirk Ishizaki - 01-05-2015

(12-30-2014, 05:47 PM)Natalya Haner Wrote: Wartime Salvage! Kirk and I are working on forming a group called Acme... its going to be awesome Big Grin

I agree, it will be awesome Smile

RE: Contracting Group Interest - Brian Johnson - 01-05-2015

Looking right now at a Red River unit 3-5 people strong with 1 RAID Project character along for the ride.

RE: Contracting Group Interest - Ron Leota - 01-05-2015

Yes, Nat and Kirk, join my fold. I think you will both enjoy the supervisor character I will be playing for Wartime Salvage.

RE: Contracting Group Interest - Martyn Hill - 01-30-2015

Joining the official military in defense of humanity, while representing some random country - toying with the ideas of being a chaplain (counselor route) from Ireland, Israel or ex-Vatican Swiss Guard, maybe a grunt from Russia or whatever's left of one of the Koreas. So essentially something where I can use an accent.

RE: Contracting Group Interest - Lizzy Martin - 02-03-2015

M.A.S.H Wartime Salvage

RE: Contracting Group Interest - Michael Frost - 02-05-2015

looking forward to be apart of the military group Smile

RE: Contracting Group Interest - Brian Hudson - 02-14-2015

Looking at being a member of the Agency.