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EXIMs - Want Some Sound Sleep? - Conor Tuohy - 04-27-2015

[[A notice posted somewhere visible in the mess hall]]

EXIMs - Want Some Sound Sleep?

You've probably been told that you need some medication to help you sleep, or sleep more soundly.
Dytraxazine. Somakrine. More Fiber and Less Gluten - etc, etc.  
Few EXIMs have found a method that works both reliably and long term, and sleep-loss has become an accepted reality for EXIMs.

Dr. Jackson Stone with Hands for the Future wants to try a different approach and is looking for EXIM volunteers for a sleep study.
This study involves no pills, needles, or drugs of any kind, no observation, and completely voluntary every step of the way; privacy and volunteer comfort is of highest importance.

Willing to try something different? Just curious as to what it is all about?
Please see Dr. Jackson Stone in the medical facility.

Non-EXIM volunteers with sleep-related trouble are also welcome to participate in this study.

[[Please feel free to PM me if your character would come looking for Dr. Stone]]

RE: EXIMs - Want Some Sound Sleep? - Lizzy Martin - 04-27-2015

I am interested to sleep better. If possible.