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RE: If a Crippled Body falls in the forest... - Michael Bates - 05-09-2015

I thought I would weigh in here (although the staff will probably just make a definitive call on this and render our discussion moot). Since we're trying to figure out how the rules apply here, here is the definition for "metagaming" from the Spite rules.

"Metagaming occurs when a player uses knowledge gained OOG for their character’s IG benefit."

So, I'm not sure that this really applies to this situation. This isn't about the "character's IG benefit," it's about the character's OOG safety. If you are in a situation where being left alone is dangerous to you OOG, it makes sense to me that you should go tell the Hive staff. That doesn't violate the metagaming rule because it is not for your "IG benefit" as the staff are more likely to say, "your character dies" or "the Raid Project/Dromenae/Bandits/Rogue Psychics do something horrible to you" or even "cool, now your character is a Burrowed, which is way freakier for everyone than a random NPC Burrowed."

The point being that telling the Hive Staff is far more likely to have a bad outcome than for your character to get rescued, so the "character's IG benefit" clause isn't violated. You COULD argue that this OOG knowledge benefits the NPCs of Hive Staff, but then they're not really "players" so I think we are safe there, too. I agree with JP when he says that telling the Hive Staff is a better choice than having a timed death because it INCLUDES the possibility of player death IN ADDITION to having other options. More options for the Hive Staff, in my opinion, can only lead to better storytelling.

Having the effects wear off after a certain time (perhaps 30 min - 1 hour) also avoids a lot of this argument (no need to leave your character behind and your character won't just die) and I think is preferable to death. Plus, it maybe makes more sense IG - your character probably wouldn't die of starvation, thirst, or cold within a few hours, but it makes sense that whatever caused the paralysis might.

As for the other part of the argument, that leaving a marker to indicate your character's position violates What You See Is What You Get, that is a fair point. However, this whole argument is based on the assumption that you are in a situation where no one is going to find your body, right? That's why there's the question of what to do. So while having a character find your body, after you assumed no one would and left, is certainly possible, but is pretty unlikely, to the point where I don't think it makes much of a difference to our discussion.

RE: If a Crippled Body falls in the forest... - John Pariury II - 05-11-2015

Personally, I was thinking we all need to be assigned emergency-CO2-charged blowup dolls in case we need to leave site or go out-of-game for any reason. Wink